Exploration mode events at RDO are in the spotlight

Despite the absence of content updates on Red Dead Online, Rockstar continues to release new monthly bonuses on the game. This month, Exploration Mode events are in the spotlight on Star Firm’s multiplayer service.

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Many problems persist Red Dead Online were modified by star generation. Search our article to find out all the details: Rockstar released a Red Dead Online update that fixes numerous bugs

The players were elected Red Dead Redemption II Earlier during the survey BAFTA Games Awards. You can find all the details in our article: BAFTA Games Awards 2024: Red Dead Redemption II, Player’s Favorite Game?

Featured Activities:

  • 3X RDO$ and XP on Telegram missions
  • In the land of 3X RDO$ and XP opportunities
3X RDO$ and XP on Telegram missions3X RDO$ and XP on Telegram missions
Telegram Mission Artwork on Red Dead Online

Exploration Mode Events:

  • From April 2 to 8: One pair Furry gloves Red and orange
  • From 9th to 15th April: 40% off offer a Eligibility card upgrade
  • From April 16 to 22: One pair Half chaps Black fur
  • From April 23 to 29: 3 Fire bottle and 3 Poisonous Moonshine

Headlines activity

Find below the different monthly bonuses at Red Dead Online with the following elements:

  • From 2 to 8 April: Hardcore heading for the hills
  • From 9 to 15 April: Hardcore new Austin series
  • From 16 to 22 April: Hardcore Showdown series
  • From 23 to 29 April: Hardcore Pro Series
Red Dead Online Freemode Series ArtworkRed Dead Online Freemode Series Artwork
Artwork from the series featured on Red Dead Online

Free community inspired decor

YouTuber Riding in Style: Claim the pieces below for free from participating tailors and Wheeler, Rawson & Company catalogs through April 29 to create an outfit inspired by Wild West fashion. :

Red Dead Online Community OutfitRed Dead Online Community Outfit
Red Dead Online Community Outfit


Find all the discounts Red Dead Online is offering this month below, including:

  • fast travel (Free)
  • Arabian horse (-30%)
  • Style customization for shotguns (-30%)
  • Shoulder strap (-30%)
  • boot (-30%)
  • hats (-30%)
  • Melee weapons (-40%)
  • Hunting rifle (-40%)
  • Hunting rifle ammunition (-40%)
  • Improved Bow (-40%)
  • arrow (-40%)

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