“Everything’s Bigger”: Jenna Ortega Reveals New Season 2 Wednesday (Netflix)

It’s been over a year since Season 1 premiered Wednesday – Or Wednesday, its original title – caused a huge phenomenon. This Monday, January 15, 2024, during the prestigious Emmy Awards, the Netflix series walked away with several awards. Jenna Ortega, the second-youngest actress in history to be nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series, did not win the trophy. “This was really unexpected, I am very grateful. I feel very lucky to be here. To be in this position is very special. I was able to take my mum with me tonight, it’s just surreal“, she said on the red carpet, before the ceremony.

Filming for season 2 should begin in April, and will now take place not in Romania but in Ireland, after the difficult filming conditions of the first season. While she will be a producer for this second season, in addition to playing the lead role, Jenna Ortega made several revelations during this Emmy Awards interview: “I’ve seen a few scripts for the second season, we’re moving a bit more horror, no doubt. It’s really exciting because throughout the series, despite Wednesday’s need for a story arc, she never really changes. That’s awesome about it. There are some great lines, and I think everything is great. It’s packed with a lot of action and each episode will probably feel like a bit of a movie, which is great“. Mouthwatering for all fans!

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