Co-sleeping and sudden infant death syndrome: An alarming new study

According to a recent study, more than three-quarters of sudden infant deaths were associated with multiple unsafe sleep practices, including shared sleeping, known as co-sleeping.

Co-sleeping, a factor in sudden infant death? A study published in the journal Pediatrics and transmitted by The Washington Post analyzed 7,595 cases of sudden infant death within three months between 2011 and 2020. And the results are clear. As a reminder, according to Public Health France Sudden infant death syndrome “The sudden death of a child between the ages of 1 month and 1 year in good health, although nothing in his known antecedents or factual history could indicate this.”

Room sharing reduces sudden death, but not necessarily

The study’s statistics bear that out 59.5% Infants who died suddenly were co-sleepers, so in shared sleep at the time of their death, and 75.9%, who were sleeping in an adult bed at the time of their death. But despite room sharing reduce Risk of sudden infant death, study leaders Disappointed Parents do not share a sleeping surface with their baby, as this will increase their risk of death.

Thus they offer some recommendations: Beds that are too soft seem to be common in all stillbirths, which would be dangerous. Therefore, scientists recommend that parents and other caregivers provide Mattresses that are firm, flat and have nothing but a fitted sheet.

But a greater number of ” Unsafe sleeping practices », they know that co-sleeping is the only solution for some parents. ” We need to work better with families to increase acceptance of recommendations for creating safe sleep spaces for their infants », completes the study. Today is there Solutions to sleep with your baby without risking his health, including co-sleeping beds. These are cradles that are height adjustable and thus can be adjusted at the level of the parent’s bed, and most of all they open to the side to help the parent pick up the baby.

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