Cillian Murphy, Barry Keoghan, Jesse Buckley and Saoirse Ronan Nominated for IFTA Film and TV Awards

The Irish Film and Television Academy has announced the nominations for the Irish Academy Awards in 28 categories of film and drama.

Aine Moriarty, chief executive of the Academy, said: “Irish talent is proving itself to be the best in the world both in front of and behind the camera, delivering such high standards of acting, filmmaking and storytelling.”

These awards include the best work from the great Irish films, plays, performances and crafts.

Nominations have been selected by an expert jury panel of Irish Academy members as well as industry experts.

The award winners will be announced at the 21st Anniversary IFTA Awards Ceremony on Saturday, April 20 at the Dublin Royal Convention Centre.

The awards will be hosted for the first time by Emmy-winning broadcaster Baz Ashmavi.

Last week, the IFTA announced that legendary actor Stephen Rea will be presented with an Irish Academy Award for his lifetime achievement and outstanding contribution to the Irish and international screen industry.

Best Film Nominee 2024

The Irish nominated films are Ian Hunt-Duffy’s pharmaceutical horror-thriller Double Blind; John Carney’s Flora & Son; Lisa Mulcahy’s classic Irish gothic tale for a new generation in Lies We Tell; Andrew Legge creates a whimsical sci-fi fable set in WW2-era England in Lola, and Pat Collins brings John McGahern’s final rural masterpiece to the screen with That They May Face the Rising Sun.

Also nominated is Verdigris, about a woman who seeks to escape her abusive marriage with a new life and unexpected friendships.

Best Drama Nominees 2024

Along with Blue Lights, Hidden Assets and popular crime drama Kin, the fast-paced Belfast police thriller with a packed ensemble cast has been nominated.

Northern Lights sees two grieving strangers collide as their worlds collide on a rainy Dublin evening; A small-town journalist turns to murder to increase his workload in Death Row; And in The Woman in the Wall the legacy of the Magdalene laundry casts a shadow over the modern mystery.

Today’s News in 90 Seconds – 14th March 2024

Acting categories

The ‘Lead Actor in a Film’ category is a showcase of superb Irish acting talent with Andrew Scott in All of Us Strangers; David Wilmot in Lies We Tell; Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer; Barry Keoghan in Saltburn; Barry Ward in That May Face the Rising Sun; and Pierce Brosnan in The Last Rifleman.

The talent showcased in the ‘Lead Actress in a Film’ category includes a mix of leading ladies.

These are: Jessie Buckley in Fingernails; Eve Hewson in Flora and Son; Saoirse Ronan in Pho; Agnes O’Casey in Lies We Tell; Brid Brennan in My Sailor, My Love; and Geraldine McAlinden in Verdigris.

The selection of talent continues in the ‘Lead Actor in a Drama’ category, with Martin McCann in Blue Lights; Francis Magee in Kin; Sam Kiely in Kin; Michael Smiley in Obituary; Ina Hardwicke in The Sixth Commandment; and Daryl McCormack in The Woman in the Wall.

Some of Ireland’s most talented actresses are in the ‘Lead Actress in a Drama’ category.

These include Sharon Horgan in Best Interest; Claire Dun-Kin; Niam Elgar – Misconduct; Elva Trail in the Northern Lights; Siobhan Cullen in Obituary and Caitriona Balfe in Outlander.

Full list:

best movie

double blind

Flora and Son

Lies V Tel


That they can face the rising sun


Director – Film

Double Blind – Ian Hunt-Duffy

Flora and son – John Carney

The Lies We Tell – Lisa Mulcahy

Lola – Andrew Legg

That they can face the rising sun – Pat Collins

Verdigris – Patricia Kelly

Script – Film

Double Blind – Darach McGarrigle

Flora and son – John Carney

Lies We Tell – Elizabeth Gooch

Lola – Andrew Legg

That they may face the rising sun – Amon Little

Verdigris – Patricia Kelly

Lead Actor – Movie

Andrew Scott – We’re All Strangers

David Wilmot – Lies We Tel

Cillian Murphy-Oppenheimer

Barry Keoghan – Saltburn

Barry Ward – They can face the rising sun

Pierce Brosnan – The Last Rifleman

Lead Actress – Movie

Jesse Buckley – Fingernails

Eve Hewson – Flora and Son

Saoirse Ronan – Enemy

Agnes O’Casey – Lies We Tell

Brid Brennan – My Sailor, My Love

Geraldine McAlinden – Verdigris

Supporting Actor – Film

Paul Mescal – All of us strangers

Diarmuid Noyes – Double Blind

Chris Valley – Lies We Tell

Kenneth Branagh – Oppenheimer

Liam Carney – Sunshine

Lalor Roddy – They Can Face the Rising Sun

Supporting Actress – Film

Bronagh Gallagher – First Dance

Catherine Walker – My Sailor, My Love

Alison Oliver – Saltburn

Ruth McCabe – That they can face the rising sun

Agnes O’Casey – Miracle Club

Maya O’Shea – Verdigris

Drama Categories

Best Drama

Blue lights

Hidden assets


Northern Lights

death penalty

The Woman in the Wall

Director – Drama

Happy Valley – Fergus O’Brien

Kin – Christine Molloy and Joe Lawler

Kin – Kate Dolan

Northern Lights – Tom Hall

Execution – John Hayes

The Gone – Hannah Quinn

Script – Drama

Blue Lights – Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson

Hidden Assets – Peter McKenna

Kin – Peter McKenna

Northern Lights – Stephen Jones

Death Penalty – Ray Lawler

The Woman in the Wall – Joe Murtagh

Lead Actor – Drama

Martin McCann – Blue Lights

Francis Magee – Kin

Sam Kiely – Kin

Michael Smiley – Death Penalty

Ina Hardwick – The Sixth Commandment

Daryl McCormack – The Woman in the Wall

Lead Actress – Drama

Sharon Horgan – Best Interest

Claire Dunn – Kin

Niam Algar – Misconduct

Elva Trail – Northern Lights

Siobhan Cullen – Death Penalty

Caitriona Balfe – Outlander

Supporting Actor – Drama

Richard Dormer – Blue Lights

Jared Harris – Foundation

Aaron Monaghan – Hidden Wealth

Aidan Gillen – Kin

Emmett J. Scanlan – Kin

Simone Delaney – The Woman in the Wall

Supporting Actress – Drama

Niamh Algar – Criminals

Kathy Belton – Hidden Assets

Maria Doyle Kennedy – kin

Daniel Galligan – Death Penalty

Fionnula Flanagan – Sisters

Hilda Fay – The Woman in the Wall

International Film Awards Categories

Best International Film

All of Us Strangers


Past Lives

Poor things



Best International Actor

Ryan Gosling – Barbie

Leonardo DiCaprio – Killer of the Flower Moon

Bradley Cooper – Maestro

Mark Ruffalo – Poor things

Willem Dafoe – Poor Things

Paul Giamatti – The Holdovers

Best International Actress

Margot Robbie – Barbie

Lily Gladstone – Killers of the Flower Moon

Carey Mulligan – maestro

Annette Benning – Nyad

Greta Lee – Past Lives

Emma Stone – Poor things

Other award categories

George Morrison feature documentary

In the Shadow of Beirut

Jon Baez: I am a voice

Notes from Sheepland


Tree days

Deepest breath

A live-action short film

the calf

Queen of clay

sound and color

Golden West

Two for the road

A day to wait

Animated shorts movie

Small d

The Small Makings of a Storm


wind and shadow

Craft categories


Double Blind – Narayan One Male

Kin – JJ Rolfe

Lies We Tell – Eleanor Bowman

Poor Things – Robbie Ryan

That they can face the rising sun – Richard Kendrick

Designer attire

Double Blind – Gwen Jeffress Houry

Lies We Tell – Joanne O’Brien

Lola – Lara Campbell

That they can face the rising sun – Louis Stanton

The Pope’s Exorcist – Lorna Marie Mugan

Product design

A Haunting in Venice – John Paul Kelly

Double Blind – Steve Kingston

The Lies We Tell – Caroline Hill

Lola – Ferdia Murphy

That they can face the rising sun – Padraig O’Neill

Hair and make-up

Double Blind – Genia Reedman, Madonna Bambino

Flora and Son – Lindsey Heron, Barbara Conway

Lies We Tell – Helen O’Connor, Aitana Silva

That they can face the rising sun – Sandra Dunn, Edwina Kelly

The Pop Exorcist – Orla Carroll, Lynn Johnston


Barbie – Nina Rice

Double Blind – Brendan Rayhill, Rob Moore, Peter Blaney

Evil Dead Rise – Garrett Ferrell, Peter Albrechtson, Mike Farmer

Lies We Tell – Aza Hand, Damien Lynch, Peter Nissel

Saltburn – Nina Rice, Nina Hartstone, Adam Scrivener

Original music

Double blind – die hexane

Flora and son – Gary Clarke, John Carney

Lies we tell – Aza Haat

Lola – Neil Hannon

That they can face the rising sun – Irene Buckley, Linda Buckley


Double Blind – Colin Campbell

Lies We Tell – Veronika Kaminska

Lola – Colin Campbell

Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie – Michael Harte

The Last Rifleman – John Walters


Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves – Kev Cahill, Diana Geoghetti

Evil Dead Rise – Liam Neville, Declan Boyle

Heaven – Niall McAvoy, Liam Neville

The Nevers – Ed Bruce, Andrew Barry


At a Glance – Film (Most Nominations)

Lies We Tell – 13 nominations

That they can face The Rising Sun – 11 nominations

Double Blind – 11 nominations

Lola – 7 nominations

Flora and Son – 6 nominations

Verdigris – 5 nominations

At a Glance – Drama (Most Nominations)

Relatives – 11 nominations

Obituary – 6 nominations

The Woman in the Wall – 5 nominations

Blue Lights – 4 nominations

Hidden Assets – 4 nominations

Northern Lights – 4 nominations

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