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Without a doubt: Carmen Villalobos named the most beautiful of Telemundo

Carmen Villalobos she is colombian, well known for his secondary roles in several soap operas, including The Storm and the Loves of the...

Natalia Jiménez: what’s the future of music is not for live streaming

Natalia Jiménez is blunt: “I hope that the Live concerts Streaming is not the future of the music. Imagine”, she says between the...

Oh Daniella Alvarez shows you how to walk again! – And! Online Latin

Even if the ischemia is still affecting his right leg, the model has decided to teach his followers, that already can stand up.Daniella...

Katy Perry has wanted to commit suicide by breaking up with Orlando Bloom

The Digital Millennium Mexico city / 01.07.2020 13:53:51 ...