A damning statement from the southern conquerors

A dispute does not arise. Two days after PSG’s victory over OM at the Vélodrome, the southern winners’ tifo in honor of comedian Redouane Bougheraba continues to get people talking. Pablo Longoria would not have been informed, which angered him, while the supporters’ association claimed the club had been warned in advance. After Rachid Zeroal’s media release yesterday RMC, the Southern Conquerors spoke directly to denounce two things this Tuesday evening. First is the hypocrisy of the OM management, and above all the fact that the stands of the velodrome are a place for freedom of expression. “Since when do we, South Winners, have to justify our daily lives as supporters of Marseilles and OM for 37 years. Want to manage our lives? Our platform? Our group and all its constituents? And so, by deduction, you want to teach us about Marseille? We realized you didn’t like us so we welcomed you with open arms, but you imposed your bad mentality on us and decided otherwise. This terrible press release begins.

After the rest of this announcement

“We don’t need to take orders from anyone, especially since you don’t fear us. Whether or not tutors hide behind fake Twitter accounts. Those of you who believe that judging our actions in the stadium, spreading misinformation and communication, creating buzz and destabilizing our club, but above all attacking our group, shut up and start concentrating on your reading! Pablo continues the association before indirectly attacking Longoria. “If he (Pape Diouf) were still in this world, he would be delighted with the idea of ​​Marseilles outside OM filling the velodrome on June 22, even if he didn’t know it. You are ridiculous and insulting for bringing this subject into public discussion. The only right we still give you is to keep your mouth shut. May the good Lord be our witness. You have succeeded in only one thing: to bend the minds of the weakest.

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