Beware This Fake GTA 6 Steals Your Passwords, It Has Already Wreaked havoc

Sophisticated malware targeting macOS users has been discovered. Posing as a pirated version of the highly anticipated video game GTA 6, this Trojan aims to steal passwords as well as other sensitive data stored in the user’s local keychain.

GTA 6 MalwareGTA 6 Malware
Watch out for this fake GTA 6
  • Fake GTA 6 is circulating the internet and stealing passwords from Mac users.
  • The malware helps users bypass macOS Gatekeeper protection.

As excitement builds around the long-awaited release of GTA 6, malicious hackers are capitalizing on this impatience by releasing malware disguised as a pirated version of the game. This Trojan, has been dubbed PSWTargets macOS users and aims to steal a lot of sensitive data, going beyond simple passwords.

Mac: Malware disguises itself as GTA 6 to steal your data

Malware presents itselfYou create a fake DMG fileLooks like a GTA 6 installer. It bypasses the macOS Gatekeeper security to make the user believe that it is a necessary step to install the game. Once the file is opened, Malware is deployed and launches several scripts to collect your information.

Malware First encounters your password. It simulates a fake app installation to trick you into entering your system password, giving access to all your passwords stored in your Mac’s keychain, our colleagues say. 9TB5Mac.

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It doesn’t stop there. Malware then searches Other sensitive data on your computer, such as cookies, form history, login credentials and cryptocurrency wallets. It may also collect information about your system, such as your IP address and installed software.

All collected data is then sent A server controlled by hackers. They can then use it to steal your identity, access your online accounts, and steal your personal and financial information.

Remember: GTA 6 hasn’t been released yet, and there’s no pirated version available, let alone on Mac (let alone a 4 megabyte file). If you come across a file claiming to be a game, it’s probably malware. Be careful and protect your data.

Finally, if you’re in the habit of pirating your video games on PC, beware: Crooks are already distributing fake installation files for Grand Theft Auto 6, apparently injecting malware. They imitate legitimate installers of FitGirl Repacks (and others).

  • Never download GTA 6 from untrusted sources
  • Beware of fake websites and suspicious links
  • Install an antivirus on your Mac (if required)
  • Update your operating system and software regularly
  • Be vigilant and never give your password to a third party.

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