This new update to Red Dead Redemption 2 is making life hell for some players, and it’s all because of horses!

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Red Dead Redemption 2 was released 6 years ago, but players never get tired of it. After the main adventure with Arthur Morgan, fans of Rockstar’s western saga can immerse themselves in the multiplayer epic, in which they play the role of their own outlaw. It is this mod that continues to attract users, Updates are becoming increasingly rare though. Recently, patch 1.32 was released, but it seems that there is a big bug that is annoying the players!

Flying horses in Red Dead Online!

It is on social networks that users of the online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2 have shared this bug, which appeared after the 1.32 update of the game. Only PVPCAT, a content creator on Rockstar Games, shared on his account X (Twitter). Amazing video clip. Red Dead Redemption 2’s new update 1.32 will allow players to fly on their horses up to heaven

Viewing the Red Dead Online map from these heights is undoubtedly a magnificent sight, but OnlyPVPCat’s clip is quite disturbing. Indeed, the enthusiast may have seen countless ill-intentioned players drop dynamite from their horses into the streets below, Death rains down on poor passing users.

“A new bug was discovered in Red Dead Online after the last patch: flying horses (on console, not PC!). This is the funnest thing in the game so far, but I still hope Rockstar fixes it soon, otherwise. There will be gregaurs (troll players) flying in every lobby.”

@OnlyPVPCat via Reddit

A mistake that will be corrected, and then?

According to the author of the post, one thing is certain, regular users of the online mode hope so Rockstar teams will fix the bug soonBefore cheaters throwing dynamite from the heavens knock them out of the game.

After this, players fear that Red Dead Redemption 2 updates will become increasingly rare. Until recently, fans were begging the studio to continue updating their favorite game. Despite everything, it is unlikely that Rockstar will focus on Red Dead Online, when the massive GTA 6 will arrive in 2025 (latest news).

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