Audience March 2024: Joint leaders of BFMTV and CNews news channels, franceinfo: in trouble

The battle between news channels is getting tougher and now almost nothing is happening! For the month of March 2024, BFMTV and CNews are tied with equal market share each 2.7% of persons aged four and above. And it is especially thanks to the strong news of Sunday 31 March with the discovery of little Emil’s bones that Channel 15 could not overtake its rival.

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BFMTV is ahead in PDA by a very short hair

Because, in terms of detail, the news channel, which CMA CGM will soon take over, is the hair on the head of the news channels. 2.696% of the general public compared to 2.685% for CNews in March.. In terms of average cumulative audience during the month, Channel 15, however, is clearly ahead of its rivals 12.02 million viewers per dayCompared to 8.11 million for CNews, 6.03 million for LCI and 4.96 million for franceinfo:.

It has been a month full of international news. BFMTV had the opportunity to welcome Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as a guest on “Calvi 3D” and covered the terrorist attack in Moscow. The channel has started its special programs focusing on the European elections. Finally, the channel proposed special coverage to include abortion in the constitution. However, in one year, the chain shows a loss of 0.7 points.

A gain of 0.4 points for CNews in one year

Jackpot for Channel+ group channel. For the second time in its history, it manages to tie with its competitor. CNews managed to gain a market share of 0.4 points compared to March 2023 and reached a 2.7% audience share among the general public. Great success thanks to the growing audience of the channel’s flagship events: “L’heure des pros”, “Morandini Live”, “Midi News”, “Punchline”, “Face à l’info” and the morning interview with Sonia Maybrook among others.

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The leader from March 4 to 28, 2024, CNews has long believed that it will remain at the top of the audience of French news channels. During this long period, it stands at 2.7% PDA compared to 2.6% for BFMTV. But that was regardless of unexpected news and the compelling power of BFMTV during events, such as the affair of little Emil. Channel 15 devoted 11h20 to the affair on Sunday, March 31, compared to 6h15 on CNews, 5h45 for franceinfo: and 3h30 for LCI, according to the calculations of “quotidian” journalist Julian Belver. On this day, BFMTV recorded a PDA of 4.8% compared to 2.3% for CNews.

LCI stable, franceinfo: in trouble

Like other channels, LCI maintains its momentum. Faced with two behemoths, the TF1 group channel continues to focus on international news and reach audience share. 1.9% of people aged four and over. One year on, Channel 26 is stable and even scores 0.2 points on its strategic ICSP+ target (1.6% on this measure).

Finally, franceinfo: is not shining this month and is also in trouble. Public service channel only indicates 0.7% of persons aged four and above, is far behind its competitors. In one year, it also lost 0.1 point of market share. A delicate situation for Channel 27. Behind the scenes, there are rumors in the corridor that France Television may now initiate changes in the management of the channel. Who raises the bar?

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