Artificial intelligence ‘can detect prostate cancer faster’

According to statistics from Public Health France, prostate cancer is the most common in men, with 59,800 new cases in 2018. As Amelie Sainte points out, it is difficult to identify those who will be aggressive and those who should be treated, the cancers which will be very advanced. gradually and therefore does not require treatment. “This is the case for about half of all prostate cancers. So we run the risk of operating on a patient or giving him a treatment he doesn’t need.“, the site reports.

But, once again, artificial intelligence will probably answer this problem. The Sun reports that it will detect prostate cancer quickly and prevent the appearance of certain side effects. According to the charity Macmillan Cancer Support, this medical platform – developed by scientists at the University of Cambridge – will detect the presence of this cancer and avoid unnecessary biopsies by accurately analyzing the examinations carried out.

Unreliable exams

This has the potential to avoid thousands of unnecessary biopsies, easing pressure on personnel and budgets. For patients, this will mean avoiding anxiety, unpleasant treatments and sometimes dangerous side effects“, says Professor Richard Simcock of Macmillan Cancer Support.

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Traditionally, diagnosis is made by a digital rectal exam or a blood test that measures prostate-specific antigen. But these two tests are insufficiently reliable as screening tests. For Tanya Humphrey, director of innovation at Macmillan, this new tool “Prostate cancer has the potential to transform diagnosis

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