Anatomy of a Fall’s Dog Steals the Show from the Stars at the Oscars!

Between Margot Robbie, Robert Downey Jr., Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, Messi the dog was the real star of the event.

It’s a tradition in Hollywood. Nominees for Oscar A few weeks before the ceremony, gather for a big meal. It’s 96th edition was held yesterday at the iconic Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. An ultra-glamorous moment, where the world’s biggest stars come together.

Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr and artists‘Oppenheimer was apparently at the same party as the hero of Barbie, Margot Robbie And Ryan Gosling. was also Paul Giamatti, Carey Mulligan, Bradley Cooper, Steven Spielberg Or Lily Gladstone

But the real star of this little party was on four legs: Messi, the dogAnatomy of a Fall The whole evening caused a sensation, because accepted Emma Stone on the microphone Diversity.

Embraced by all the Hollywood stars, like America Ferrara Or Billie EilishSnoop’s interpreter (filmed by Justin Triet) was also at the center of one of the great moments of the evening: his interview with Ken, aka Ryan Gosling.

Yes, between the two, the furry star of this dinner was indeed a dog who was nominated for the award four times in French film. Oscars 2024.

A sign of changing times, last year, Tom Cruise After him all were Hollywood favourites Top Gun 2 Cinemas were saved… A year later, it was a dog that appeared as a champion Oscars 2024 !

The grand ceremony of this 96th edition will take place on Sunday March 10 in Los Angeles (from 1 am in France).


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