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Adèle Encoignard is a professor at a small rural college. A teacher, but also a mother. She talks about how the experience of motherhood has positively impacted her professional posture. Avoid shortcuts to be more attentive to each student.

An image with an automatically generated description of clothes, person, education, educationAn image with an automatically generated description of clothes, person, education, education I am a teacher, and I am a former good student.

I love books and always have. I am also a mother, mother of M, G and B.

M is a very good student, and reads as much or more than her mother. B’s ability is slightly lower, but she is also a good student. ” She likes to work, later she will become a mistress » , « Not a teacher like your mom, mistress, teacher, it’s just a subject “, and she,” She likes everything “And then there’s G…

Before G, I realized that as a young teacher I sometimes had a tendency to make shortcuts too hastily: a child who didn’t respect school rules was certainly not very well-behaved at home, which must come from a child who is not very academic. A family with little connection with school, etc. Of course, I wouldn’t have said it, but I must have thought it.

Then G came along and revolutionized the way I saw things. G is only in elementary school, but he’s already sure of one thing.” He will not study, he will learn a trade “Ever since he started primary school, he has been wondering what he is doing there and why this is being imposed on him.” It’s not for him, he needs to move ” He has counted the remaining years before he can enter the professional path. His thing at the moment is wood,” He will make furniture “, he said.

Well, that suits me a lot, I find the professional route just as good as the normal route, but the observation is there, he doesn’t like school work.

He has the same mother as his sisters, who read him many books and always stressed the value of school, but school is not his thing. Thanks to him, I have made a lot of progress. Of course, as parents, we are responsible for many things, including imparting values. But we don’t necessarily have control over everything. Maybe the parents of the student who doesn’t work do everything they can to push him, maybe this student, who is sometimes passive, has parents who do everything to give him a structure. Maybe not, but maybe.

Thanks G, I can’t forget that, I see things differently and I keep this thought in mind during all my parent/teacher interviews. This has a positive influence on the quality and effectiveness of the interviews, which all have the same objective: the same objective, to work together with parents for the success of their child.

Adele Encoinard,


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