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Solidarity mutual health insurance 3 million French people are entitled to but don't know it

More than 3 million French people could benefit from mutual solidarity. On the other hand, most people don’t know that!

It is aid that could benefit millions of French people but which Often forgotten. However, it can help many households. This is mutual solidarity and the latter can clearly relieve your wallet.

“I quit treatment for a year”

Our colleagues from the 8pm report on TF1 reported Olivier’s story. The latter experienced a tragedy one and a half years ago. faced sudden death He and his partner had a lot of trouble getting over.

So much so that Olivier was put on sick leave. But financial concerns quickly arose. With his daughter, he found himself in great uncertainty. He also admitted that he could not treat himself.

And for good reason, its Could not be taken care of. He also told TF1: “I quit treatment for a year”. He had to make a choice before clarifying.

The man said: “It puts the child you have first, gives him food and the education he needs, and if there’s money left over you get treatment.”. But after months of trouble, he finally sees the end of the tunnel.

And for good reason, it can now benefit from mutual solidarity. Good news for the concerned chief who was able to get the same treatment as his daughter. Then he gave More information on the topic.

A forgotten mutuality

Olivier said: “My daughter was able to complete her orthodontic health care, and I was able to get my braces fitted. that Gives back the will to live and move forward.

Thanks to mutual solidarity, families with modest or irregular incomes are provided with supplementary health insurance. It was the latter who told Olivier that he could benefit from this help.

In fact, health insurance has created a telephone platform. An opportunity for French beneficiaries of mutual solidarity to learn more. In the report, The caller provided more information.

He indicated: “This is what we used to call CMU, does that mean anything to you? ». The woman on the other end of the phone then replied: “Sure, I wanted to see him, recently unemployed”.

On the other hand, there are many people who are unaware that they can benefit from this assistance. However, the latter could clearly come to the aid of the needy French, which are unable to pay for their care.

“It’s dramatic”

Health Insurance has announced 3.7 million eligible people do not apply for Ekta Mutual insurance. Dominique Pomares, Services and Customer Relations Manager at CPAM, provided more information to our colleagues at TF1.

He stated: “It can be a feeling of undertaking a complicated process, that they’re not going to succeed. But still, it’s very easy and safe online”.

Before hinting at mutual solidarity: “The Solidarity Health Supplement is either free, or it’s a maximum of 29 euros per month, so one euro per day”. Some professionals also admit that French people do not seek treatment due to lack of reimbursement.

Surgeon and dentist Sylvie Ancy suggests: “You have people who move around a lot, It can lead to septicemia. Afterwards, they often have to pull out all the teeth, it’s dramatic”.

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