The weekend will be cycling in Parque Orla Piretininga, samba and analog photography workshop, Niterói – A Seguir Niterói

The weekend in Niterói will have various attractions and next Lists the highlights of the long weekend. In addition to an unprecedented tour of the new bike path in Parque Orla de Piratininga, the city will have a concert by Luiz Carlos Sá at the Teatro da UFF, an analog photography workshop at the Centro de Artes UFF and traditional samba from Terreiro da Vovó. Fonseca.

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Also part of the program is a show by singer David at the Solar do Jambero, stand-up comedy at the Teatro Popular Oscar Niemeyer and an exhibition featuring 20 works of art, theatre, music and entertainment workshops at the Parque Library, Portinari in downtown . ,

Check out the full schedule below:

  • Parke shows Portinari in the library

The Parque de Niterói Library will be the stage between June 6 and 17 for the “Portinari, Art and the Environment” exhibition, which is part of the “Portinari nas Quebradas” project. It aims to bring children and young people closer to the works of this unique painter in Brazilian art. The show is a partnership between the Portinari Project and the Niteroi City Hall through the Niteroi Art Foundation. admission is free.

In celebration of Portinari’s 120th birthday, the focus of the project was to bring, in an inclusive way and with current language, the art of the pioneer of Brazilian modernism to the places that inspired him most: the “quebradas”.

The full program includes, in addition to an exhibition of 20 works by painters, art, theatre, music and entertainment workshops supervised by local art-educators who are trained project monitors.

About the Portinari Project

Created in 1979, the Portinari Project was started by José Cândido, the son of artist Cândido Portinari, as a tribute to his father. The initiative focuses on preserving the life and work of the painter and promoting the works of the artist and expanding Portinari’s artistic legacy to the public, especially young people and children. In addition to Niteroi, the project has already passed through Rio de Janeiro, in the community of Cidade de Deus, and through Magé, in the metropolitan area.


Portinari by Quebradas

date: Tuesday, June 6 to Saturday, June 17

meeting: Tuesday to Saturday: 10 AM to 5 PM | Saturday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

local: Niteroi Park Library

free event

Classification: Free
Address: Republic Square, S/N – Downtown, Niteroi

  • Cycling in the Orla de Piretininga Park

This tour will take you on the new bike path in Parque Orla Piratininga. Photo: Breeding / Social Network

Attention cyclists! This Friday, June 9, at 9am, a bike ride will be organized by Niterói de Bicicleta. The route begins at the San Francisco Skatepark and has Orla Pirateninga Park as its final destination.

A highlight of the visit will be the park’s new bike path, which stretches over 10.6 km and was designed to integrate with the Ocean Zone cycle path system in a scenic route.

This is an opportunity to get to know the bike path ahead of its official opening. The opening of Parque Orla Piratininga is scheduled for September.

Orla Piratininga Park, designed to protect and recover the ecosystem of Piratininga Lagoon, will cover an area of ​​680 thousand square meters. This new green space will feature 35,290 square meters of filtering gardens, 4 contemplation jetties and 6 fishing jetties, in addition to 17 leisure areas and an ecological centre.

  • Show on Solar do Jambeiro

Potiguar artist David performs this Thursday (8) at Solar do Jambero. Photo: Disclosure

Potiguar singer David brings poetry and his accent to Solar do Jambero. On Thursday, May 8 at 6:30 p.m. ET, the singer will perform a show featuring original compositions and reinterpretations of songs that marked his musical career. Admission is free.

For the show, the singer delivers a 60-minute performance split between two acts and questions his relationship with Never Had a Name, as he sings in the opening song.

In the second act “Call Me by My Name”, David delivers romantic lyrics, seeking to affirm his footing on his own journey and names the relationships he lives and shares.

The artist will be accompanied by composer and multi-instrumentalist producer Nando Lopes, who arranged an intimate rendition of voice and guitar. David references artists such as Maria Bethania, Sam Smith and Jason Merz and considers music as a healing tool.

about the artist

David is a singer and songwriter from Natal/RN. After completing his doctorate in sociology and law in 2021, he moved to Niteroi in 2015 to do postgraduate work at the Federal University of Fluminense.


Date: Thursday, June 8
Time: 6:30 PM
free entrance
Rating: 16 Years

Location: Solar do Jambeiro
Address: Rua President Domitiano, 195 – Sao Domingos, Niterói

  • Stand Up Comedy at Teatro Popular

If you’re a fan of humor and stand up comedy, it’s worth checking out the Teatro Popular’s schedule. This month, the Niemeyer-designed stage will present “Oscar Comedy Club,” a festival that brings together great comedians. This Friday (9) the comedians Douglas de Lima, Thursday (15) Cadu Manhas and Saturday (24) Le Maria will be the first guests.

Douglas De Lima promises to entertain the audience this Friday, the 9th at 8 PM with the show “Vida de Crente”. In a satire of religion, the young man takes funny sketches on stage and conquers social networks with numbers. Admission is from R$30.

The events aim to bring together comedy lovers and new comedians from the local scene.


Life of a Believer – Douglas De Lima

date: Friday June 9th

Time: 20 hours

local: Oscar Niemeyer Popular Theater

Istamp: BRL 60 (Full) | R $ 30 (half) on the Simpla website and at the theater box office.

Classification: Free
Address: Jorn Street. Rogerio Coelho Neto, S/N – Centro, Niteroi.

  • Terreiro da Vovo Samba Circle

Sunny Saturday is inviting for a good samba. This Saturday from 5 pm (10 pm) the traditional troupe Terreiro da Vovo of Fonseca will be honored with sambaista Lula Matos for this edition. Admission is free.

Since 2011 in the Niterói scene, “Terreiro da Vovo” brings together artists and fans of all rhythms of musical genre, from high party to samba-canção. In addition to honoring the big names in Brazilian music, the project gives visibility to new artists and promotes culture in the northern region, which has become a point of resistance in the city.

Lula Matos is a percussionist, singer, composer and producer. Growing up in the neighborhood of Lapa in Rio de Janeiro, the musician considers Iván Milanez, percussionist and member of Imperio Serrano’s Velha Guarda, to be his mentor.

He learned to play, sing and compose from experienced musicians. In his solo career, he has already released the albums “Me Faz Brilhar” (2013), “Lula Matos & Tercas Descomplicadas (Ao Vivo)” (2017) and “Memoirs of Samba: Samba de Rais Vol 1 e Vol 2” (2019). have been issued. ,


Terreiro da Vovo with Lula Matos

date: Saturday, June 10

Time: 5 pm

local: grandma’s yard

Address: Rua Teixeira de Freitas, 265 – Fonseca – Niteroi

Andfree air

Classification: Free

  • Analog Photography Workshop

The UFF Art Center will host a workshop this Saturday (10th) promoting a short introduction to the world of analog photography. One of its purposes is to guide people who are looking to buy their first analog camera or who already have one but have no way of using it.

The workshop will be divided into a theoretical part, where the participants will have their first contact with cameras, films and will know a little about photometry; and a hands-on part, in which everyone can take pictures at the UFF Art Center and an analog role by Ikrai Coast.

The action will take place from 2 pm. 15 places will be offered, which will be filled on a first come first serve basis. The first 15 will be given a camera and a roll of film, which will be loaned for use during the workshop. Anyone who already has an analog camera and film and wants to participate can also participate. just take your stuff.

In charge of the workshop will be Thes Monteiro (@thaclicando), one of the founders of the Colectivo Analógico de Janeiro and organizer of Rolles Analógicos. Thais has been a professional photographer since 2014 and focuses on recording shows and theatre.

He has been passionate about analog photography since 2012, when he attended a workshop promoted by Lomography. Since then, he has learned a lot about films and cameras and today he maintains the Papo Analogico channel on Youtube, where he shares a lot of information about this universe with the public.

  • Luiz Carlos Sa at the UFF Theater

Luiz Carlos Sa presents the “Solo and Well With” tour at the Teatro da UFF this weekend. Photo: Disclosure

Singer and composer Luiz Carlos Sa, who formed a trio with Rodrigues and Guarabayra, and later a duet with Guarabayra alone, performs two seasons at the Teatro da UFF on Fridays and Saturdays, June 9 and 10 at 8 p.m. Is. The show has an unprecedented format and will include the singer’s hit songs in addition to songs from his most recent work: “Solo e Bem Accompanied”.

Coming from the creation of Guarabeira and Rodrigues of the so-called “rural rock” – Brazilian music that blends interior roots with folk rock influences – Luiz Carlos S.A. shows his wide creative potential, through different trends of songs in this first solo CD But the plays it has already made or will be part of about 400 that they have edited and recorded by some of the main Brazilian interpreters of different generations.


Date: June 9 and 10 (Friday and Saturday)

Time: 20 hrs

Venue: UFF Theater

Address: Rua Miguel de Fris, 9, Icari

Tickets: Web and Box Office

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