Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp were turned down for the lead in one of the best war movies ever

Half a year apart, two World War II films were released in 1998 that could hardly be more apart. One of them, Saving Private Ryan by Steven Spielberg with Tom Hanks, was a box office success and won five Oscars. The second didn’t even make its budget and returned empty-handed at the Oscars despite seven nominations.

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Both are currently considered among the best war films of the decade. But if you haven’t seen the second Beyond the Red Line, you can watch it now star+,

what is terence malik’s war movie about

While Saving Private Ryan is about the liberation of Western Europe in World War II, The Red Line is set in the Pacific War in 1942, when the Americans and Japanese are fighting on islands such as Guadalcanal, an island in the Solomon Islands. These delightful natural wonders were sparsely inhabited, but their strategic importance was enormous. The film tells the story of an American army company that needs to conquer an airfield on the island.

The structure is much more episodic than in Spielberg’s work. While in Spielberg a fixed group of soldiers are exhausted with every kilometer traveled, The Red Line impressively jumps from one destination to another, hewing closer to the life of a soldier who loves the green heaven and One wakes up in hell, while the other dreams of returning home and to his wife.

DiCaprio, Depp, Pitt and other H stars


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