Unlock the secret minigame in Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

final fantasy It has always been a saga that has been defined by introducing a number of minigames throughout its different games. Of course, in Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster we can find some of them.

However, in this guide we are going to tell you how to unlock the first of them, which is available in Final Fantasy within Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster on Nintendo Switch, ps4, pc and mobile. Do you want to know how to access it? Well, here we tell you:


FINAL FANTASY Pixel Remaster – launch trailer (PS4 and Nintendo Switch)

How to unlock the secret minigame in Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

The truth is 15 is a minigame that doesn’t start as Square’s inventionbut it is a fairly well-known puzzle, which rose to fame thanks to its inclusion in the first Final Fantasy.

The first step to unlock this secret minigame is have the pirate ship that is given to you at the beginning of the gameeither. You only need to consult the map and look for a blue symbol to find this vehicle.

Now go to the deck and you must perform a combination of buttons to access the minigame. Hold down the confirmation button and keep pressing the button associated with cancel. After about 20 touches you will access the minigame; which consists of moving the tiles until the 15 numbers are correctly placed on the board.

This will also allow you unlock a trophy and that you know that you do not need to complete the minigame to obtain it. You simply have to access it in the way that we have previously indicated. Easy and simple.

Have you already immersed yourself in the past with Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster? The compilation brings us back the first six games in the saga. This is how we have valued this game in their respective analysis:

An interesting collection, designed for both fans and new players, which subtly updates the first six Final Fantasy both in audiovisual and playable terms. Although it is true that not all games are equally good, it is a great way to rescue these classics on current consoles, although the price is somewhat high.

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