Porsche classics will compete on e-fuel at Goodwood

goodwood revival 2022

Jordan Butters/Goodwood

    Porsche is already a strong player in the world of electric cars and is leaning even more towards that pursuit of high performance in 100% electric mode, but the brand also has a plan for internal combustion in the future in the medium term. That will come hand in hand with synthetic fuels, designed to allow the cars of the past to stay on the road long after electric cars become the norm.. The outlook promises to keep historic cars on the road for generations to come, so the upcoming Goodwood Revival is being used as a perfect proving ground with pre-1966 Porsches to show exactly what that looks like in practice.

    The first historic race with cars with sustainable fuel

    Goodwood announced earlier this week that the historic event will invite an entire group of Porsches to the prestigious event in a race called the Fordwater Trophy. Each will be powered by synthetic fuels, marking what the event is already calling the first historic race for cars powered by sustainable fuel.. It’s a proof of concept that puts the preservation of a brand’s history at stake, showing how effective these synthetic fuels can be in real time with early 911s.

    Porsche’s push for synthetic fuels is underway, starting with a $100 million investment that has already generated a production plant in Chile. The prototype fuel is stable and can be produced with varying octane numbers that perform exactly as traditional gasoline would in cars made to run on a specific fossil fuel octane rating.. That makes it perfect for cars that were never designed with sustainability in mind.and poses a possible solution to the problem of historic fleets facing the eventual extinction of fossil fuel production.

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