Peach is cute Mitsuri Kanroji with Demon Slayer cosplay

Although fans like tributes in cosplay that come from various places such as movies and TV or video games, one of the favorites is undoubtedly anime and manga, and this great cosplay of Peach It shows it, because it has given life to the waifu of demon slayeris about Mitsuri Kanrojithe Pillar of Love.

We have finally seen the beginning of Season 3 of the successful series, Demon Slayer, with the beginning of the story arc known as “The Blacksmiths’ Village” and to celebrate the return of the series, Peach has given us her Mitsuri cosplay Kanroji, one of the central characters in this part of the story.

Thanks to her unusual muscular density, Mitsuri acquired superhuman strength, but for this she was always rejected by the boys she was interested in, (go blind).

Therefore, she joined the team of demon hunters to find a man stronger than her who wanted to marry her. She soon rose to the top of the organization by taking over as the Pillar of Love, thus becoming one of the strongest swordsmen in the Demon Slayer universe.

Peach once again presents us with a very well-crafted cosplay, surrounded by blossoming Japanese cherry trees. As we can see in the images below, Mitsuri’s demon slayer outfit has been perfectly recreated, including the character’s signature white-sheathed katana with pink blade.

If you liked Mitsuri’s great Peach cosplay, don’t miss all the others found on her social networks, so take a walk there to become her follower and, incidentally, leave her a well-deserved like on her posts, that’s how you show your support.

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