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At the beginning of June, Chapter 4 – Season 3 of Fortniteand leakers hint at the possibility of a jungle biome.

Epic Games has to regularly add new content to Fortnite to keep fans hooked. Sometimes controversial changes are introduced, but Epic does its best to keep the game balanced and fun.

Every time an update is released, leakers start digging as fast as they can to provide fans with new information about what might be coming in the future. For some time now, leakers have been pointing to a collaboration between Doctor Who and Fortnite, and fans of both franchises are waiting.

Cosmetic items aren’t the only type of Fortnite leaks out there, and many players get especially excited when they find out more about what might be added in the future in terms of in-game lore.

Hypex, a trusted leaker from the Fortnite community, revealed that according to the game files, Chapter 4 – Season 3 will have a jungle biome and volcanic rocks. Fortnite’s battle royale island has had a few locations with jungle areas over the years, such as Lazy Lagoon in Chapter 1 and Stealthy Stronghold in Chapter 2.

It’s been a long time since players have been able to play in this biome, so most players were excited to hear about it.

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