Dead Island sells a million copies in just three days, and other spectacular facts about the zombie game of the moment

Many years have passed since the release of Dead Island, which has generated a lot of anticipation for its sequel… which has already risen from the dead. And we can already tell you that Dead Island 2 is one of the funniest and craziest games so far this year.

Los Diablos (HELL-A in the original version) is the new home of the zombies, where only hunters can kill them and survive from day to day. And, who says to survive, says to enjoy.

In Dead Island 2 You won’t have to worry about weapons breaking, or covering your basic needs. All you need is to tear the undead to pieces.


Dead Island 2 – Launch Trailer

In his early days, Dead Island 2 has unleashed a new rage for zombie games (as if Resident Evil 4 hadn’t already), as its excellent sales so far have more than demonstrated.

The Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver title carries only three days on sale (since Friday, April 21), but it is more than enough for us to speak of success.

The undead have a lot of pull

Dead Island 2 launched just three days ago…more than enough time to prove that this dead man is very much alive. It’s been over a decade since the original, but gamers remember how much fun it was to slaughter hordes of zombies.

Therefore, How many copies has Dead Island 2 sold so far? Deep Silver confirms a fact that arouses interest in a future third installment.

Dead Island 2 has already sold a million copies, in just three days. It is a brutal fact, especially if we take into account that the game was on the brink of cancellation on numerous occasions.

A million players are already roaming Los Diablos, doing what they love the most: killing zombies, causing chaos and doing a thousand and one crazy things in this sandbox. Deep Silver has collected some data and statistics in the first 72 hours of the game.

For example, have already been played a total of 11 million hours. Remember that the title is not too long (it lasts around 20 hours, including side missions and other objectives).

Be careful, we cannot rest on our laurels either. And it is that they have already occurred 28 million player deaths… which is twice the current population of Los Angeles (the city where the adventure takes place).

In these 11 million hours played, the hunters they have already cut down 45 million zombies in half, have severed 756 million zombie limbsand have killed a total of 1.1 billion undead in Los Diablos.

All the zombie games coming to PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox in 2023

These are scary data, right? If you want to join the party, know that in this guide we will introduce you to the best Dead Island 2 weapons, as well as the best cards and some tips and tricks.

Dead Island 2 is available from last Friday April 21 at PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. Do not forget that the game has a great cooperative mode for 2 players, although at the moment there is no crossplay.

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