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This Saturday the eSports Córdoba Fest 2023 will be held, a gamer event that will bring together all sectors linked to Cordoba electronic sports. The meeting will take place in the Blue Pavilion of the Fair Complex of the city of Córdoba, with free admission.

lautaro ponce He is a physical trainer for the Training Divisions and Women’s Soccer of Sportivo Belgrano and is also the only San Francisco player in the second edition of the Cordoba Electronic Soccer Cup.

“The tournament is provincial, it was done through the management of eSports Córdoba, registration was free, with the condition that you had to represent a club, an institution, as long as it belongs within Córdoba. The moment I signed up, I contacted myself and asked if I could represent the club, and the answer was obviously yes, from there he always asked me if he needed any material to participate, thus always feeling the support from the institution”, commented the PF in dialogue with the club’s press department.

Regarding the classification, he expressed “the draw was held two weeks ago, there I was seeing my rival and the possible rivals as I was qualifying, they are round-trip games, and I had to play 3 games, which I was able to win for to be able to advance what would be the final instances that are held in Córdoba this Saturday the 15th”.

On the other hand, given the surprise of the classification and his participation, he considered “I have fun and take it as a hobby, I never trained, I never perfected myself, I only play with friends and when I have free time, as a distraction, what I can highlight It is good that those times in which I dedicated some time to what this video game is, take me to a face-to-face event, which is totally new for me”.

Lastly, he noted “I just go with the mentality of going as far as I can and spending a day having fun.”

eSports Cordoba Fest 2023

The finals of the electronic sports competitions that are part of the Cordoba eSports Program. In addition, there will be activities and proposals for video game lovers to live the experience to the fullest.

In recent weeks, more than 1,000 eathlets have clashed in the virtual instances of the Cordobesa Electronic Soccer Cup, the Minecraft Intercollegiate League, the League of Legends Tournament and the first edition of the Valorant Women’s Tournament. Now, the finalists will compete in person and in front of the public that attends the great gamer party on Saturday.

From 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., you can enjoy a series of activities and stands so that those present are part of the event not only as spectators but also as protagonists. All, with free admission.

Lightning competitions will be held Just Dance and FreeFirethere will be retro arcades and consoles for fighting games, exhibition and testing of games from local industries, virtual reality spaces and augmented reality actions.

Likewise, those who come to the Blue Pavilion of the Fair Complex will also find:

  • Motorsport simulators and cars on display from V Racing.
  • Trivia on Kahoot!
  • Traveling gym.
  • Stationary bike station that crushes PET bottles. Recycling awareness.
  • Real soccer field.
  • Dissemination and information about the new eSports platform.
  • Institutional and governmental spaces with various informative and interactive proposals.

How could it be otherwise, the eSports Cordoba Fest 2023 will feature live music sets by DJs and casters who will recount the different instances of each competition. There will also be food trucks to accompany the activity with a varied gastronomic proposal.

The closing will be with the classic Cordovan soccer, in esports version: Talleres and Belgrano will play an exciting showmatch.

With great participation of players and teams from the interior of Córdoba, this is how the list of finalists who will face each other on Saturday, April 15.

New Minecraft Intercollegiate League

Final round: 5th or 6th grade students from elementary schools. Finalist schools:

  • Puerta del Sol Institute – Oncativo
  • President Miter School – Río Tercero
  • Gabriel Taborin School – Córdoba
  • Monte Cristo Parish – Monte Cristo
  • Pius X – Cordoba
  • Francisco Malbrán Educational Center – Pozo del Molle
  • Educational Unit Maryland – Villa Allende
  • Saint Peter the Apostle – Córdoba

2nd Edition League of Legends Tournament

Semifinal and final in person.

  • eSports workshops
  • Rebel Fox Gaming
  • Belgrano eSports
  • The spurts

2nd FIFA Cordoba Cup

It will be played from the round of 16 to the final in person at the event. Finalist teams:

  • Alliance of Jesus Mary
  • Matienzo esports – Cordoba
  • Sports Complex
  • Belgrano – Cordoba
  • DyC Serrano
  • Luro and June 30 – Cintra
  • Sportivo Belgrano – San Francisco
  • Nill F.C.
  • Union San Vicente – Córdoba
  • Esports Workshops – Córdoba
  • Inriville Hearthstone
  • DASyB Lions
  • Athens of Cordoba
  • Social and Sports Melo
  • Youth Defenders of Justiniano Posse
  • Lasallano – Córdoba


16 teams participated, with close to 100 players from all over the country. The finalist teams that will play an online game are:

  • Ebro Gaming
  • Wild Esports

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