In Bariloche, Wado de Pedro delivered furniture and games for squares by Municipalities of Foot, and visited the Atomic Center

The Minister of the Interior, Wado de Pedro, today visited the city of Bariloche, Río Negro, where he developed a series of activities, which included the delivery of equipment and furniture for neighborhood plazas within the framework of the Standing Municipalities Program; a meeting with candidates from Nos Une Río Negro; and, in closing, a talk for the commemoration of 40 years of Democracy, at the headquarters of the National University of Comahue. During the act framed in Municipalities of Foot, Wado de Pedro highlighted the characteristics of the program, “linked to responding to the small needs that improve the quality of life of the neighbors.”

“For me it is an honor to make this contribution to the recreation spaces of Bariloche,” added de Pedro during the act by Municipalities of Foot held in Puerto San Carlos, where games and furniture were delivered for the improvement of 20 neighborhood squares, and in which the mayor of Bariloche, Gustavo Gennuso; Senator Martín Doñate; and the coordinator of the Ministry of the Interior, Ana Marks. To then highlight the importance that “our little ones can feel loved and sheltered by a State that works and thinks about their needs.”

“Our sole and central objective is to think about future generations, improve their quality of life and, of course, leave them a better world”, concluded de Pedro.

For his part, and after thanking the presence of Wado de Pedro and Ana Marks, Gustavo Gennuso explained that “the squares are a central meeting place” for the community, since “despite the fact that Bariloche has many lakes and forests, Families, boys and girls keep their habit of meeting in the squares very strong”.

“In Bariloche we have multiplied the green spaces, so this contribution is very good for us to complement all the works that we have developed in this regard,” added the mayor of Bariloche.

In her turn, Ana Marks highlighted the joint work carried out with Gustavo Gennuso, “with whom we understood that the best investment we could make for Bariloche was to improve public space, generating areas of quality and dignity in each of the neighborhoods.”

“When we improve a square, we create a meeting and play space for our children. We think of a city where boys and girls can grow and develop, with which we contribute to building a better community”, concluded Marks.

Previously, during the meeting with the candidates of “Nos Une Río Negro”, Wado de Pedro referred to the Rio Negro agreement that leads to senator Alberto Weretilneck as a candidate for governor: “I look very favorably on those agreements that have to do with improve the concrete reality and the quality of life of the residents of each province”, he expressed, to later add: “I come to support this great agreement for Río Negro, but also from the conceptual. How positive it is when those leaders who perhaps do not think the same about everything agree on the most basic thing that society needs: how to organize a community so that it can be happy and live well”.

After the meeting with the candidates, and within the framework of World Science and Technology Day, Wado de Pedro paid a visit to the Bariloche Atomic Center to learn details of the CAREM Project, the first 100% Argentine nuclear power reactor. In that instance, the head of the Interior valued “all the effort and hours that Argentine scientists have dedicated to study and research linked to a thriving Argentina, to that Argentina that knew how to invest in science and technology.”

“Our generation has to value this history of scientific and technological development. We saw how Cristina also opted for satellite technology, how she invested and how she incorporated into society the values ​​and the need to add science and technology to the Argentine productive world”, added de Pedro, who concluded: “For our generation, The challenge is to think about Argentina in the future, aiming for our boys and girls to become aware, and to be able to choose and study careers linked to this development model linked to the latest scientific and technological advances”.

The president of the National Atomic Energy Commission, Adriana Serquis; the manager of the CAREM Area, Sol Pedre; the manager of the Nuclear Energy Area, Juan Ranalli; the manager of the Institutional Articulation Area, María Fernanda Domínguez; and the Coordination Manager of the Bariloche Atomic Center, Luciana Alcobe.

At the end of his visit to Bariloche, Wado de Pedro will give a talk to commemorate 40 years of Democracy at the National University of Comahue, together with the director of the National Institute for Political Training (INCaP), Hernán Brienza .

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