MSI and Gigabyte confirm 12 GB of VRAM

M: YES and gigabytes they are confirming, indirectly, the memory capacity that the GeForce will have RTX 4070. Various models from both manufacturers have appeared on the EEC.

RTX 4070: MSI and Gigabyte confirm 12 GB of VRAM

It is confirmed that MSI and Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4070 graphics cards will have 12 GB of memory. This is something that has been rumored and today it seems to be confirmed by the records of various MSI and Gigabyte models. However, it is not confirmed if it will be a memory GDDR6 either GDDR6X.

The list of models registered in the EEC are the following:

  • MSI RTX4070 VENTUS 3X 12G
  • MSI RTX4070 VENTUS 2X 12G OC
  • MSI RTX4070 VENTUS 3X 12G OC
  • MSI RTX4070 VENTUS 2X 12G
  • MSI RTX4070 SUPRIM X 12G
  • MSI RTX4070 SUPRIM 12G

M: YES is the one that has registered the most models, with the classic lines Ventus, Suprim and Gamingwhile gigabytes registered a model of the line Eagle, which is usually the most modest.

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This registration does not confirm if these models will use the connector 12VHPWR or the classic 8-pin power connector. We will know this as soon as we can see some screenshots of the partners’ custom graphics cards.

Nvidia’s RTX 4070 graphics card uses an AD104-250 or 251 GPU with about 5,888 CUDA cores. WHAT we know in terms of power consumption is that it could have a TDP of between 200 and 225W.

The RTX 4070 card would be officially launched on April 13. This date is not yet official from Nvidia, so we should have an announcement very soon. We will keep you informed.

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