Ibai Llanos presents its menu


The Ibai Grand Menu joins the collection of The Gaming Family menus by chef Dani García

The project The Gaming Family de La Gran Familia Mediterránea was launched at the beginning of 2022 with the menus of Rubius, Vegetta777 and Willyrex as the first brand ambassadors. He tasted the menus on his Twitch channel Ibai Llanos, one of the streamers fastest growing in recent years. Daniel Garcia, I hope we get together the first txuleta hot dog” he commented during his streaming. Said and done, in the month of February Ibai Llanos and the chef from Marbella devised ‘El Gran Menú de Ibai’, a series of dishes based on the tastes and experiences of the content creator, in which there is no shortage of references to the events that Organize your professional career now.

This spectacular menu is based on five courses, with starters, main dishes and dessert, all full of the magic and essence of its creator. El Perrito de Txuleta refers to the native Bilbao of streamer and consists of a tender bread of Hot Dog, Txuleta sausageDani García’s famous Bull sauce with bacon crunchy and straw potatoes on top, accompanied by some golden fries. Then there is the Bocata Bull, with a soft and delicious cheek, Dani García’s iconic Bull sauce and harvati cheese on a freshly baked loaf of rustic bread, which also includes French fries as a side. As a novelty within the menus of The Gaming Family‘The Great Menu of Ibai’ has the Disaster Wings, some tender chicken wings glazed with an incredible barbecue sauce of miso, honey and a touch of chives. The second starter is the Croquettes Challenge, six creamy roasted chicken croquettes and spiced béchamel. One of them stings, testing Ibai’s fans. And, as a culmination, the Ibaiyaki, a fluffy pancake filled with dulce de leche with chocolate syrup.

He packaging that the streamer has designed together with the team of The Gaming Family follow the line of others gamers and streamers of the family, and is inspired by the tastes, professional career and events organized by the content creator, such as ‘The Evening of the Year’ and the ‘Kings League’. Vintage cereal boxes and the circus have also served as inspiration, very present in the entire essence of ‘The Great Menu of Ibai’.

With the incorporation of this menu designed by Ibai to the rest of the proposals of talents of The Gaming Familyhe delivery adopts a more urban, digital and youthful air, creating a fantasy world through burger, sandwiches, dogs, chips and accessories like never before. A Pioneering project that has managed to unite haute cuisine with the world of online talents and their communities, offering them an imaginary place where they can bring their worlds, their tastes and hobbies to the earthly plane of food. A very unique bet that everyone can enjoy without leaving home.

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