Triangle Strategy, old school Japanese strategy

Square Enix He is clear about the direction to follow in his role titles, or rather, the directions. On the one hand, the most advanced technology and spectacular visuals for games like Final Fantasy XVI, and on the other, a beautiful 2’5D for revisions of classics or games with a character from another era, some such as the famous saga, Octopath Traveler, and the game that concerns us, Triangle Strategy. It must be made clear that its strategic combat formula, a history of war conflicts and somewhat cliché characters will not surprise us, but it works just as well as the classics of the genre did.

There are several elements of Triangle Strategy that, while not at all innovative, work really well. One of them is the number and variety of characters with whom we will meet in the adventure, something that, far from merely having an impact on the narrative, also does so on the playable. When planning the battles, we will be able to choose which of them we launch to fight, which, taking into account the variety of classes that the game has, is already something really important to plan: from swordsmen -some on horseback, with the extra mobility that this entails- to doctors or archers, going through magicians -of different elements- and trappers… and more. We can incorporate more and more thanks to secondary stories -not playable- that in the long run, only exponentially increase the possibilities in battle. To this we must add the multitude of possibilities when it comes to improving each character, with new abilities, weapons, class promotion… We will spend as many hours out of combat as in it, and they are just as fun.

Another of the aspects where Triangle Strategy stands out is the narrative, not because it tells us a story that may seem new to us, nothing further, but it is interesting, with a multitude, as we said, of characters that give wealth, and a good handful of scenes optional that put us in situation. So much so, that we are going to read and enjoy scenes more than play, but surprisingly they do not become heavy, being quite light in terms of duration and telling us a story that, within this aesthetic, is very adult.

When it comes to fighting, we are faced with an affordable proposal, and that is that we are not facing an excessively complex formula. However, obviously, as we progress, this becomes more and more complicated, having several elements to take into account only in planning: the units that we are going to have in combat, and where, this being much more important than it seems. Once in the fray, it is important to look for the back of the enemies -more damage is done-, keep our melee units healthy, and other typical aspects of the genre, but that work here as well as in any other.

Why play it?

  • A nice 2.5D style visual section.
  • Affordable combats for the novice player, which are deepened during the adventure.
  • A story that manages to captivate, with a multitude of characters.
  • The huge number and variety of units does a lot in favor of battles and their planning.

Where to find it?

It is currently only available on Nintendo Switch and on Steam, where it is also reduced to 50%.

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