Tobías Viloch, the young promise of Boca Juniors who began his career in 9z Team

He is 20 years old, his name is Tobias Viloch and he has presented himself to the world as a FIFA professional player since 2020. He is an AFA esports champion and runner-up, Argentine E-Liga Profesional Soccer champion, AGS 2020 and TNTSports 2020 champion. As happened with many boys, he was misunderstood at first by the parents, because they did not quite understand what he was doing for so many hours in front of a screen.

—How were your beginnings?

—I started in 9z where I spent almost two years and today I play for Boca. It was an incredible experience because it is something out of the ordinary to be in an esports team, but within such an emblematic club, so recognized internationally and in Argentina. I recently had to go to visit the Bombonera, I had never set foot in that stadium and it is impressive. These are opportunities that a few years ago would not have occurred to me and that fills me with pride.

We chatted with the young promise of Boca Juniors who started his career at 9zTeam

As a boy he played at birthday parties and noticed that he had a lot of ability and his friends not so much. In this way, he began to play amateur tournaments to gain experience and, fundamentally, the skill that he needs to compete with rivals of a high hierarchy.

—What is your strong point?

—I played in several clubs and I always put my all into whatever shirt it was, but more than anything I try to develop the scene as much as possible so that other boys have the same opportunity that I had. So that we are not only 5 or 10 players who can compete everywhere, but that many more people join. That will help us all grow more, and will contribute to getting more Argentines competing abroad. We already have several outside. Mati Bonano and Yago had to play abroad, lead tournaments and they represent us very well. At the Latin American level, in the regional tournaments, several players are the ones who obtain good results. I think this year will be very good for Argentina and I hope they give us a World Cup that I think we deserve for a long time.

He spends 5-6 hours training per day, minimum, but if it’s close to a tournament 8-9 hours. It always stands out that great care is taken with food, the physical is what you have to take care of the most when you spend so many hours in front of a screen, mental health, and the posture in the chair in which you spend hours.

-How is your routine?

—Quite simple, perhaps one accustomed to seeing team games, in which a large part of the training, which reaches 12 hours a day, is seeking coordination. In my case that I play individually, I have another format. I divide into an analysis part and a game part. When we do friendly matches we set ourselves a different goal in each one, we train in defense in the movement of the players, and the attack that in the long run allows us to win games. On the other hand, we practice set pieces, corners, free throws or centers, so as to arrive at tournaments with all facets of the game oiled.

Tobías says that the key is to play because he likes it, and that when he realized that he did not have to push himself, the results came, he also stressed that many hours of training must be invested and that is what he does every day.

—Are the matches analyzed?

—Yes, of course, first my matches to detect errors and strengths. Then a lot of gameplay from Europe, which is where the best FIFA in the world is. There the scene is much more developed, there are more players and they play a lot. We get many ideas for the matches from the players there, and I apply them to my game to be better every day. We practice different formations and unusual tactics here in South America, it is a daily task. Then comes the mental thing that works with a psychologist who is the one who fundamentally helps us to maintain balance at all times, even during the game.

His first game on Play 2 was PES. At only 6 years old he was already practicing and there he discovered that he liked him a lot until he discovered FIFA. According to Tobías, the differences between one and the other are notorious. PES is a bit more realistic, but that also makes it boring and slow. Instead, he feels FIFA a little more “arcade” and that makes it more fun to compete and play with friends.

—Did you feel as a boy that what is happening to you today was going to happen?

—I felt that it was going to come to this, at that moment there were very few players and the scene was very green, but I knew that this moment was going to come. I was skilled enough to do it professionally and make no mistake, it’s happening. I’ve been playing tournaments since I was 15, partly because it was already a habit to play, but I also trust my ability. I dedicated myself to soccer games because while my friends watched cartoons at the age of six or seven, I put on games. I think that had a great influence when playing FIFA.

In free moments, he opens his Twitch and watches players from different parts of the world to continue learning. Part of his secret is in the perseverance and pride that comes from seeing his game grow at all times.

-And your parents?

—At first they didn’t understand, and that’s where they saw us fighting with my brothers and they took the joysticks from us. We couldn’t play for two days and it was normal at that time because esports weren’t so naturalized. When they saw that I was beginning to qualify for tournaments and I was winning, especially the first AFA one in which I was 16 years old, they began to realize that I could do very well in this and that is how they began to understand this world of games.

If they tell him to define his career in one word, he immediately becomes proud, for all the effort he made to get there, for never betraying his dream and for his present. Tobías recommends to all those who want to arrive, that they never abandon his dream.

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