Mario Bros has killed millions of inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom, and you are largely to blame

It shouldn’t be easy to maintain a multi-million dollar franchise like Super Mario Bros for so many years. Yes, it’s true that there comes a point where she practically rolls alone, but honoring that legacy on a visual, playable, and story level will probably end up generating quite a few headaches.

What one day seemed like a great idea for Nintendoover time it can turn against you, and with something that’s grown enough to have its own line of manga, TV series, and movies, the ramifications on what’s canon and what’s not can end up spawning quite a few. surprises.

The dark curiosities of Super Mario

To show a button. A few days ago, via the essential account of Twitter of super mario brotherprobably the greatest source of curiosities and memorabilia of the Nintendo franchise, a piece of information went viral that even ended up being compared with something as far removed from the plumber as the lore of The Last of Us.

Extracted from a 1996 manga Focused on celebrating Super Mario 64 in a humorous way, the account reminded us that every Mario death within his games had a direct consequence. It was the source from which the mushrooms of an extra life were born.

As if it were the circle of life from The Lion King, the dead Marios that inhabited the depths of the Mushroom Kingdom ended up generating a life that, in subsequent attempts, would serve as an opportunity to succeed where someone had failed before.

As you may have already guessed, neither the life system of any Super Mario It works that way, not even the manga can serve as a useful guide to follow the plot of the plumber because it is not canon, but that did not stop curiosity from spreading as the most macabre fact that we knew up to the moment of the saga of Nintendo. However, he is not the worst by far.

The most macabre fact in the history of Mario

The dodged bullet on the deaths of Mario It has little or nothing to do with another of those twisted pieces of lore that, in this case, is not only canon because it is part of the hero’s primal story, it is also told in Nintendo’s own handwriting.

To go to it, you have to travel to the original cartridge of Super Mario Bros. Specifically, up to the third page of the NES game manual, which details the story from which the game starts and everything that came after through the years.

“One day, the kingdom of the peaceful mushroom men was invaded by Koopa, a tribe of turtles famous for their black magic. The quiet and peaceful mushroom people were turned into stones, bricks, and even bushes, and the Mushroom Kingdom fell into ruin.”

There were more people in the Mushroom Kingdom before Peach was kidnapped. People transformed into bricks and blocks of the same as later Mariowith your help, was destroyed by a handful of coins, power-ups, or the need to flip a turtle.

You can start counting how many brick blocks you must have annihilated without blinking an eye over the years next to Mario and, with that, you can get an idea of ​​how many inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom you have deprived of returning to their original form out of sheer greed.

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