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Welcome to our Sons of the Forest guide! The sequel of the acclaimed title of horror and survival of Endnight Games for pc It is already available worldwide and comes with a lot of content to expand and improve what was seen in the original game from almost a decade ago. Do you feel like entering a new nightmare with your friends? Here you will find the best tips, tricks and all the help What do you need to see the sunlight one more day in the forests of the sinister island inhabited by cannibals.

100% story

Sons of the Forest tells us a enigmatic and intriguing story. Regardless of survival mechanics or multiplayer, players interested in the narrative of the title can perform certain acts in the game to reach the final sequence. However, if you are lost and you don’t know what to do for complete the storyDon’t worry, we’ll show you all the steps in the right order so you can reach the credits without problems.

Basic tips for beginners

Want become an expert From the first moment? We have a whole for you series of tips for beginners what do you they will come from fable not only to survive on your first day on the island, but on subsequent days. Moving forward and exploring can be hard without help, but with our tips and recommendations We are sure that you will succeed in this.

Also, don’t forget to check out these other notes of interest:


Sons of the Forest has many different weapons. The available arsenal is wide and varied and we can divide it into the following three main categories:

if you are wishing know how to get all the weapons of the game, where are they on the island and how to make it as easy as possible with them, visit this section of our guide where you will find detailed information about it (we also include all accessories and upgrades for weapons). No cannibal will be able to resist you!


In our extensive inventory of Sons of the Forest we can also carry lots of useful tools that will serve us for all kinds of purposes, from making our way to otherwise inaccessible areas or helping us in exploration. There are many items that you will want to get as soon as possible, and of course we will give you a hand showing you where you can find them With every little detail. In particular, we want to highlight the following:

  • Can opener: It will serve you to open canned cat food.
  • Delta wing: an object with which you can glide through the skies quickly.
  • Bottle (Canteen): with it you can store water for when you are thirsty.
  • Cross: a religious element that can make certain enemies burn…
  • Flashlight: to illuminate the dark much better.
  • masks: a couple of special items that can calm the cannibals down.
  • Shovel: An essential tool for digging and finding bunkers.
  • Binoculars: Use them to see in the distances and scan the horizon.
  • Respirator: you will be able to breathe underwater while diving.
  • Sled: It helps you shorten distances quickly.

Armor (and clothing)

Sons of the Forest presents among its many items of equipment some important armor that we players can equip ourselves to strengthen our character of all damages. Of course, some can be made, while others can be found in the world. exist the next 6 to obtain:

In addition to this, in the game we can also personalize aesthetically to our character with outfits, suits, clothes and other types of clothing that also serve to protect us from cold or humidity In nature. With our guide you will know how to get them all.


Virginia is one of the most surprising and curious characters in Sons of the Forest. He is about a half mutant managed by the AI ​​that can actually become a formidable ally for our adventure only if we meet certain conditions. You will probably run into it at some point, if you want to be prepared and know everything about hertake a look here:

build your base

The creating your own shelter It is one of the most important things in Sons of the Forest, that’s why we have several articles about it, such as the best locations to create your base, how to protect it properly by making defensive walls or how you can create doors and windows. Do not hesitate to keep an eye on them if you are not too good at the structure building system in the game.

All resources and materials

There are many resources and materials in Sons of the Forest that you will want to accumulate in your inventory. The list is hugebut to help you have them all and know what they are for, where they are they loot or in which manufacturing recipes they are used, we have this section of the guide. These are the main categories of resources available:

Tricks and commands

The first The Forest had on PC with funniest tricks and this Sons of the Forest also integrates a command console from which different features can be activated (although initially it is not yet running). If you want to know what are the commands or what cheats are available in the game, take a look here:

Interactive map

The exploration is everything in Sons of the Forest and in this sense the most complete players will find it very helpful the interactive map who has developed The Forest Companion for the whole community. Key locations, resources, weapons… All the secrets They’re shelled out in this powerful tool that makes getting around the island a piece of cake.


Since its launch in early access Sons of the Forest has a complete and conclusive story, which also has up to three different endings for players (including a secret one). Of course, you will only be able to see one of them considering your actionsbut if you want know how to see them allwe explain it to you.

Frequent questions

In this last section of the guide we collect the frequently asked questions from Sons of the Forest and any other questions or concerns that may be on your mind throughout your experience with this adventure:

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