Fia does cute cosplay of Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online

Although sometimes we see cosplay that come from the world of cinema or video games, one of the most requested, without a doubt, is anime and manga, since there are endless great characters to interpret. And that’s exactly what happened today with this great cosplay of Sword Art Online made by fia who plays asuna yuki.

Sword Art Online can give a lot of material for the cosplaygiven the rich cast of characters that characterizes the different chapters of the series, among which the female ones stand out, as we can see in this cosplay of Asuna Yuuki, played by the beautiful fia.

A classic among cosplayers Fia evokes the golden age of Sword Art Online proposing a character considered by many to be the “waifu” par excellence for fans, and representing her in a decidedly sober context, as we can see in the photo posted on Instagram by the model.

It is also a reproduction of one of the most classic and well-known costumes of the character, in a fighting version, fantasy style and plastic pose. For the rest, it is a rather sober and restrained cosplay, focused above all on making it as faithful as possible to the original.

If you don’t know the story, Sword Art Online is a Japanese light novel series that takes place in a virtual reality game where players must fight to survive and find a way to escape. The story follows the protagonist, Kirito, in his adventures through different virtual worlds.

In it, Asuna Yuuki is an experienced player who joins Kirito in his fight to survive in the game and escape. Asuna is brave, determined, and has exceptional combat skills, making her a valuable ally to Kirito and other players. Throughout the series, Asuna and Kirito develop a romantic relationship which is a major plot theme.

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