The latest Elden Ring update has disappointed many players because of its most anticipated novelty: Ray tracing does not live up to expectations – Elden Ring

After more than a year of waiting, the ‘ray tracing’ update has not left Elden Ring players satisfied.

There is little doubt that Elden Ring It is one of those games that deserves all the good things said about it. However, the title of FromSoftware he is far from being technically prodigious. Since its release there are some rough edges with the community over the performance of a title that didn’t even have ray tracing technology when it was released. The ‘ray tracing’ was incorporated through a patch that has just arrived and that has been a great disappointment for many fans of the video game of Hidetaka Miyazaki.

Elden Ring’s ray tracing doesn’t convince players

Enabling ray tracing assumes in all cases sacrifice some performance in exchange for promoting an already stunning artistic section. It’s a compromise many players were willing to make, because the Midlands know how to be precious in their bleak landscape. The problem is that heThe differences when turning on ray tracing are barely noticeable in many areas of the game. In this sense, many players have been visibly disappointed with the way in which this option has been added to the title.

In open places, ‘raytracing’ is hardly a change from the original experience, being only in some specific places –like the one in the header image– that its impact is truly remarkable. Additionally, some PC users claim to have had problems with the implementation. This is because its activation is automatic. “My PC is good, but not good enough for maxed ray tracing. So every time I tried to load my character the game would crash instantly because of this,” one player explained.

Additionally, the update has not added DLSS, which would help ray tracing work without squeezing system resources as much. In general, it could be said that it is not the implementation that everyone expected. Although the images do not always do justice to this technology, the truth is that the comparison that you can see below makes it clear that the differences after the Elden Ring patch are not so exaggerated.

The truth is that, being one of the most awaited functions after the launch of the game, the impact has not been as high as many players expected. In this sense, it is a pity that the expectations of such a large community and still committed to the game are not met. In any case, the situation is not exactly dramatic either. Although many users lament, they are all still more than willing to spend hours traversing the universe of Elden Ring. Even more when a new DLC is just around the corner.

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