Competing with NVIDIA is difficult, but AMD wants to do it with its flagship technology that increases fps in games: FSR 3 will be better and backwards compatible – PC

“If you already have FSR 2 in your game, it is expected to be easier to integrate FSR 3 into it,” says AMD, also confirming twice the performance.

Anyone familiar with the PC market will know that NVIDIA has a very high market share with graphics cards, something that AMD intends to rival with most competitive prices and very capable products. One of the best assets of these tech giants is upscaling technology. NVIDIA bets on an unstoppable DLSS, and AMD wants to eat the toast with a FSR 3 that is just around the corner and that it will not be far behind what is offered by the green company.

As our colleagues from 3DJuegos PC have collected, the AMD conference during GDC 2023 has revealed news about FSR 3. One of the keys is that it is open source, that is, they can use it most graphics cards of the market as opposed to DLSS 3, exclusive to the RTX 4000. Also, the interesting thing about AMD technology is its backward compatibility and expected performance.

AMD has been very clear on these two aspects. The company has stated that we can expect twice the performance with this new version compared to FSR 2. On the other hand, in the aspect of the backward compatibility AMD has made its intentions clear with a single sentence: “If you already have FSR 2 in your game, it is expected to be easier to integrate FSR 3“, says the technology firm. Even so, it should be noted that the implementation of this technology in games depends to a greater extent on developers.

A crisis in graphics cards

It is a fact that the demand for graphics cards has fallen, and both NVIDIA and AMD have to find solutions to this slump. It has been in the third quarter of 2022 in which the distribution of the graphics has decreased up to 42%. The reasons for this drop are many, but the main one would be the high price of many graphics cards.

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