Top 10 players in LPL history

2023 is a special year for many League of Legends regions. In cases like the League of Legends Pro League (LPL), this marks the tenth anniversary since its birth as a professional competition. For this reason, the organizations are doing different events to commemorate the history of the championships and all the professionals who were part of it. In the case of China, one of the most popular proposals is the creation of a top 10 one of the best players who have gone through the LPL.

To create a top 10 of the best players in the history of the LPL, the competition has decided to have the following criteria: players must have played in a final of the competition or represented it at international level between 2013 and 2022. However, in this last aspect the professional is only validated by World Cups. To decide the vote, the league has decided to form a professional jury with the following members:

  • 109 active players
  • 65 retired players
  • 78 nominees
  • Five media representatives
  • nine commentators
  • 51 directors, coaches or managers of clubs
  • Five members of the league

The top 10 best players in LPL history

  1. uzi – 244 votes
  2. clearlove – 188 votes
  3. rookies – 184 votes
  4. Meiko – 177 votes
  5. TheShy – 168 votes
  6. Doinb – 150 votes
  7. JackeyLove – 143 votes
  8. xiaohu – 129 votes
  9. ming – 106 votes
  10. scout – 89 votes

Finally, the jury has concluded that Jian Zi-Hao «uzi«, former player of Royal Never Give Up, is the best player in LPL history. The shooter is considered the best of his position in the entire history of League of Legends, in addition to reaching two consecutive World Cup finals in 2013 and 2014. Next to him is Ming Kai”clearlove«Former EDward Gaming player, who is next to Weibo Gaming medium Li Yuan-Hao»xiaohu«, the player with the most Chinese leagues (five) in all history. Top Esports midfielder Song Eui-jin”rookies«, for being one of the architects of the first worlds of Chinese history.

Of all the players on the list of best players, the first two are retired and there are six who have won a World Cup for the competition. In addition, the presence of South Korean players in the top 10 of the LPL applies to three players with a common bond: they have mainly made their career in China and not in South Korea.

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