The second phase of Avenida Navarra will give continuity to the new tree-lined promenade and will incorporate an activity area for the elderly and another play area. News. Zaragoza City Council

The reform of the second phase of Avenida Navarra, between Paseo Calanda and Calle Rioja, will involve an investment of almost 6 million euros and its design will consolidate the transformation of the street into a tree-lined promenade with more than 2,300 square meters for green areas and neighborhood meeting spaces. As a novelty, an exercise area for the elderly will be created equipped with various elements to work on mobility and a small children’s play area.

The councilors for Infrastructures, Patricia Cavero, and for Public Services, Natalia Chueca, today presented the details of this project that will give continuity to the reform of the first phase, in which 3.9 million euros have been invested. Cavero explained that the spaces for coexistence with benches and garden areas will have a special role given the good reception they have received from the residents.

Compared to the 16,000 m2 renovated in the first phase, the second will act on 19,000 m2, creating wide, fully accessible sidewalks. The area of ​​green areas will be doubled with nearly 1,350m2 and 140 trees and another 950m2 will be allocated to living areas. In addition, they wanted to provide the avenue with new facilities that help to compensate for the deficiencies that this consolidated area of ​​the city has, especially the Delicias area.

To try to reverse this situation, the Minister of Infrastructures has announced that a simple exercise area for the elderly will be created on the south sidewalk. It will be located next to Paseo Calanda, in the vicinity of the residence for the elderly. In addition, on that same sidewalk at the height of the Civic Center, there will be a small children’s play area, which will complete the one that was recently opened at the confluence of Avenida Navarra with Avenida Madrid. Both facilities will be adapted to the dimensions of the green band that will run along the avenue.

Continuing with the design of the first phase, the road will be organized with two traffic lanes in each direction and a segregated bike lane in the central part. As a novelty, the crossings with cross streets will be raised on a single platform to give priority to pedestrians, forcing vehicles to brake and thereby improving road safety.

To also improve pedestrian safety, the bike lane that now runs in front of the Inocencio Giménez Specialty Center will be eliminated and the cyclist connection will be made through the roundabout on Rioja street

All the services that run underground will be renewed, including the large water supply and sanitation pipes that run along the avenue. All the lighting will also be replaced to incorporate LED technology and new light points will be placed to improve, above all, the lighting of the sidewalks.

This week the Minister of Infrastructure, Patricia Cavero has met with the District Boards of Delicias and La Almozara and the residents to finish finalizing the details of the reform. In the coming weeks, the City Government will initially approve the project and submit it to public information to subsequently start the contracting process for the work. The term of execution of the works will be 12 months.

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