The RFEF takes a measure that affects Cádiz CF but does not solve the entire VAR problem

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) announced the rules of the competition for the provision of video arbitration assistance service (VAR) for the next three seasons, from 2023-24 to 2026-27. It is a measure that affects Cádiz CF regardless of whether it plays in the First or Second Division because the VAR is applied in both categories.

“The proposals must include offers for both men’s and women’s professional competitions. In the case of the women’s First Division, The implementation of the VAR will only be arranged if a majority of the clubs involved so request,” the RFEF said in a statement.

Likewise, the RFEF pointed out that “competitors can offer also in his proposal the technology of semi-automatic detection of offside”.

“The Royal Spanish Football Federation will offer this service to all clubs, but Its implementation will depend on the request of the majority of the First and/or Second Division entities.”he explained, and insisted that, “in any case, any system must always be applied to all regular competition matches”.

The deadline for submission of offers, as indicated by the RFEF, will end on April 21 at 3:00 p.m.

The novelty is the possibility that from next season the VAR includes the technology to detect offside semi-automatically. If it had worked in the current academic year 2022/23, it is assumed that the Elche’s goal in the match against Cádiz CF It would not have gone up on the scoreboard (offside that they did not see from the VAR) and the yellow team would have added three points instead of one.

In any case, the installation of offside technology would serve only to alleviate a problem but not to solve the heart of the matterwhich is the criterion used in certain actions such as penalties, expulsions…

The changing criteria are the ones that bring bitterness to the teams down the street. A hand inside the area is a penalty in one match and a similar play in another match is neither noted nor reviewed.

It is not easy to understand, for example, that the kick in the stomach that Gonzalo Escalante received in the initial minutes of the clash against Almería or the one who suffered with the heels on her thigh They were left unpunished and were not even observed by the monitor. The question is what was the role of the VAR in those actions.

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