The LoL champion who stops all initiations

The LoL champion that stops everything

In addition to being a good scorer, Milio is a great goalkeeper. The new LoL champion surprised the entire community with his great ability to stop initiations. Millio arrived at League of Legends a few days ago with patch 13.6 but it is already news for multiple reasons. Although it has fallen a hot fix, has nothing to do with this characteristic of the champion. Milio has stood out for a very powerful interaction against most initiating supports. The newest addition to LoL is a stop initiation machine. Milio is able to stop all forward dashes and make initiators look ridiculous.

This feature has stood out in mention by all the portals, especially on Twitter thanks to the video shared by @kiittwy. The English LPL narrator posted a compilation video of Milio’s multiple interactions against starters. The champion not only kicks and talk like lionel messibut it stops rival attempts as if from the mythical goalkeeper Lev Yashin were treated. With his (Q) Ultra Mega Burning Kick, if Milio hits an opponent who is jumping at him, he completely stops them. This is because Milio’s Q pushes back the first enemy it hits, making it a nightmare for starters looking to penetrate his defenses.

Milio stops almost any LoL initiation

As we can see in the video, nor Rakan, nor Jarvan IV, neither lioness, nor Alistarand the list goes on, nobody can against Milio. Of course, it is not something easy to achieve. Our timing will be vital, since our Q it must hit the enemy while moving forward. Although this obviously has exceptions, especially against initiators with unstoppable skills. Milio won’t be able to stop the displacement of the ult of nocturne or the unstoppable force of Malphite. In these cases Milio, like the other champions, will not be able to stop the target in any way. Still, there is always ours final to free us and our allies from enemy effects.

Regarding the competitive, we still do not see Milio reach the hands of professionals. The best players in the world have not yet reached the Patch 13.6, but Milio is expected to be well received when this happens. Besides, thousand It does not stand out only for this ability to stop initiation attempts. He skills kit of the champion is very complete, so there is much more to contribute. Of course, this feature of Milio can be greatly abused by mechanical geniuses in competitive. We’ll see how players like keria, Meiko either mikyxin case of the region region.

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