The Castelló clubs excluded from ‘Endavant Esports’, between concern and expectation

After confirming Fernando Roig’s decision to stop sponsoring the 14 clubs in Castelló through the Endavant Esports project, the feeling of those affected was the same. They all meet now in a situation of restlessness and uncertainty to see what options will be presented to them by the City Council to try to compensate for the loss of a significant economic amount that allowed them to maintain their viability and compete with the best.

These 14 affected clubs are CA PlayasCastellón, TAU Castellón, CFS Bisontes Castellón, CV L’Illa Grau, CV Mediterráneo, CV Grau Castellón, CD Balonmano Castellón, Club Natación Castalia Castellón, Hockey Club Castellón, Club Waterpolo Castellón, Club Patí Castalia, Triatló Tritrail Club of Castelló de la Plana, Nados Castellón Swimming Club and Azahar Sincro Swimming Club.

Except for variations in the coming days, all of them they will meet again with the mayor at the end of next week so that she can tell you first-hand how yesterday’s meeting with Roig went and the possible alternatives that will be studied in order to help them keep their projects on track.

The solution

In view of the fact that positions could not be reached and that these clubs will lose an important economic amount that allowed them to take part in the main competitions of their respective sports, the Castelló City Council will now pass to study possible alternatives to compensate such loss. An idea that Marco herself already conveyed to those affected last Wednesday at the meeting held by all those involved in the Patronat d’Esports after hearing each case and vSee how the non-renewal of the agreement with Endavant Esports affected them.

And it is that each club, depending on the different criteria established by Villarreal himself, obtained very different amounts season after season, figures that could range from one thousand euros to more than 80,000, for a total of around 700,000 euros to be distributed among 31 clubs, 18 individual athletes and three competitions for this edition of the 2022/23 season.

Where does the conflict come from?

And everything, for a series of disagreements between the Castellón consistory due to situations that come from years ago. The first of these occurred in June 2015 when the City Council canceled the official opening of the Pamesa Liga Promises National Grassroots Football Tournament to be held in the Plaza Major in Castelló. The last one, the prohibition of the Councilor for Sports, Omar Braina, so that the offices of Amics del Bàsquet in the Ciutat de Castelló Sports Center were used as a point of collection and sale of Villarreal season tickets last summer. And, in between those eight years, an absolute lack of relationship between both parties.

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