Resident Evil 4 remake guide | Chapter 1

Our Resident Evil 4 Remake guide It has many sections, and the walkthrough of the main story is one of the most important. This first piece is dedicated exclusively to the chapter 1 from the beginning to the end, with solutions to all the puzzles and tips to overcome any challenge. Remember that at the end of the text you will find a link to the next chapter. Ready to explore the town, get the W-870 shotgun and meet Luis Serra?

Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide | Chapter 1

The first few steps of the game are completely linear and you can’t even open the map or access your inventory, so focus on making your way through the forest and into the house you see in the background. Turn first to the left and then to the right to see a scene and pick up the Hunter’s Key from the ground. Leave the room and use it on the locked door to go down to the basement, and at the bottom, one more scene and be careful when you turn around, because there will be an enemy waiting for you.

He’s the first of many you’re going to kill, so do it with style: aim for his head and two or three shots will do the trick. Now get ready, because as soon as you go up you will see two enemies and the first you can execute him stealthily if you crouch behind his back. Finish off the other one and head outside through the door they came in from. Go straight ahead the only possible way, cross the bridge and enter the cabin to see the first typewriter. Save your game, of course.

Continue forward and after ducking under a tree branch, a couple more enemies next to the truck. You must watch out for bear traps on the ground (you can shoot or dodge them) and halfway there, an enemy waits hidden in the cabin. Continue until you see a huge double door that leads to the most anticipated moment: the People’s Square where you will run into numerous enemies, including the friend with the chainsaw.

You have two options: fight or flee. Since for now you don’t have many resources and it’s foolish to waste ammunition, it’s best to take advantage of the extension of the area to run and run away from all of them. Take advantage of the houses, roofs and paths that surround the square and, when you see the scene in which the masked man with the chainsaw appears, keep running away. After a few minutes the church bell will ring and the square will remain for you alone.

Although for now there is not much to see in the area, there is something vital that you must achieve: the W-870 shotgun. It is on the second floor of the house next to the chapel, at the end of the square (in the following image we show you its location). It is a very powerful weapon in the first hours of the game, so try to save ammunition because you will need it soon. When you are ready, follow the path on the left side of the place, save on the typewriter and in a matter of seconds you will be at the Farm.

  • NOTE – Town Tabernacles: In the Farm area there is a corner where you will see a kind of sanctuary, whose compartment is locked by a strange key. For now you can’t do anything with it, nor the ones you’ll see soon, but if you want to know where the Sanctum Key is to open them, here’s the complete list.

There are several enemies in the area (at least the animals aren’t hostile, mind you), so take them down and locate the keep at the bottom. The door through which you must continue is closed, so the only possible way is the small door to your right and immediately afterwards some stairs that you must go up. Go outside through the wooden planks and access the upper floor of the farm to collect the Wooden Gear, but be careful, because doing so will spawn more enemies and one of them, called Brute, is stronger than normal. Take the opportunity to go up to the second floor again and shoot those who come up the stairs and make them fall, so you can control the situation and kill them one by one.

All ready? Then go back to the keep, go up the stairs and use the Wooden Gear to activate the mechanism and open the gate.

  • NOTE – Peddler Requests: in the keep you will have seen a blue note on the wall, right? is the Peddler’s Request 1. These documents are always the starting point of one of the game’s side quests. From now on, whenever we indicate that you must collect a request, we will do so with a link to the page where we have the complete list with all the instructions to complete them.

Go outside and cross the wooden bridge, ignoring the house because it is closed (on the left path there are only a couple of barrels). Push the cart, go through the stone arch and be very careful, because an indicator will appear on the screen to press the button and avoid the rocks. The path is blocked but you can take a detour to the path to the right, while keeping an eye out for bear traps and killing a waiting enemy with a rake.

  • NOTE – Mechanical castilians: are the collectible figures of Resident Evil 4 Remake. There are 16 in total (one for each chapter) and the first one is right here, in one of the abandoned houses in the Lake Settlement. From now on, we will do the same as with the requests of the Peddler. In other words, when we indicate that there is a mechanical castellano in the place, we will offer you the link to its corresponding section, where you will find images with the location on the map.

Soon you will reach a relatively large new area called Lake Settlement and you will meet these cute enemies who throw sticks of dynamite at you. You already know that if you shoot their arm, the bomb will go off and they won’t come off very well. Now search the two houses in the area and don’t forget the mechanical spanish 1.

One of the dilapidated houses is booby-trapped with a wire; use it to lure an enemy into it. Otherwise, after taking out several enemies and moving forward, you will be in a clearing with a house in the center (to your left there is a door that requires having the Insignia Key, later we will notify you when you can open it). He breaks the lock with the knife, goes in and executes an enemy from behind to interact with the floorboards, go down, watch a scene with Luis Serra and finish the chapter.

We continue in chapter 2.

If you want, you can also pause and consult the index of our Resident Evil 4 Remake guide, in which you will find a multitude of contents to get 100% of the game.

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