Resident Evil 4 remake: all available characters in Mercenaries Mode are filtered

With Resident Evil 4 remake already in stores leaks via data mining have not been long in coming. This time it’s up to mercenaries mode of the game, not available at the start – and therefore we understand that it is not present in the files of the initial version of the game – and that it will arrive soon. Even so, there were several portraits of the characters available. And along with familiar faces like Lion either krauser already present in the original, there are some other unexpected surprises. Below we tell you:

All the characters confirmed for the Mercenaries Mode of Resident Evil 4 remake

Twitter user biohazarddoctor has excerpted via datamining the portraits of the characters available in Resident Evil 4 remake Mercenaries Mode, which will arrive as a free expansion on April 7. The complete list of characters would be the following:

resident evil 4 remake mercenaries mode characters


All the characters available in the Mercenaries Mode of Resident Evil 4 remake
  • Leon Scott Kennedy (two suits)
  • Ada Wong (two costumes)
  • jack krauser
  • HUNK
  • Louis Serra
  • Albert Wesker

There is two main novelties in Resident Evil 4 remake’s Mercenaries Mode compared to the 2005 game. The first one is that Luis is a controllable character. The second one is that, as happened from the Mercenaries Mode of Resident Evil 5, different versions of the same character are added (Leon and Ada Wong), who go with different clothes and we understand that with a different starting arsenal as well.

There are two weeks left until this game mode can be enjoyed in all versions (PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X | S). When available (04/07/2023we remember), we will make a guide so that you do not lose detail and see what extras we can unlock.

In our Resident Evil 4 remake guide we help you with many aspects of the game, including how to eliminate all types of enemies and various tips, tricks and general strategies to start the adventure on the right foot. Don’t miss it!

Fountain: Twitter/biohazarddoctorResident Evil 4 remake

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