Netflix wants to be the King in traditional and streaming video games

TOthe margin of the streaming video service, Netflix wants to become a power in the world of video game. Its strategy is based on becoming strong in three areas: development, agreements with video game giants and its own streaming game platform.

Netflix is ​​preparing its own platform of games by streaming in the purest style of Google Stadia. We already know how Google’s platform ended up (unfortunately, since its technology was very advanced), but there are companies like nvidia with GeForce Now, sony with PlayStation Now and Microsoft with Game Pass that they are betting very strongly on this future of video games.

The advantage for Netflix is ​​that the user does not need to buy a hardware, but a subscription. Are the companies those that have the infrastructure to host and run the games and users simply need a device with a screen to play.

Avalanche of games from internal and external studios

With streaming gaming, Netflix has the huge advantage that servers and technology of transmission it’s already there (although they would lack the hardware to play the games on said servers), so it’s only a matter of time before we see this platform.

Where progress is being seen is in the more “traditional” gaming market. If you open the Netflix app on your tablet or mobile and look at the bottom, you will see the icon of a remote. If you click, you will have access to dozens of premium games for discharge.

The bet is on own development and alliances

There is a lot of casual title, but in a recent presentation, the platform has commented that they have already released 55 games and they plan to launch another 40 throughout this year. In addition, there are 70 games in development by external studies (the recent Laya’s Horizonfor example), but the interesting thing comes from the data of the 16 games that are developing their internal studies.

There are many games and carrying out so many projects in parallel does not always go well, but it seems that Netflix will continue with its games the same strategy than with his series: launching a lot of content every month. There will be original games, but also several based on their series, a strategy cross media.

If you have a subscription, enter the Netflix platform now and start playing games like: Kentucky Route Zero, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge and Twelve Minutes.

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