LEC Matchday 7 Summary: Fnatic continues on a roll

LEC Matchday 7 Fnatic continues its streak

The key week has arrived, and there are only 3 days left, counting the fact that today was quite chaotic. Among all the chaos, the only garden that shone was that of fnatic. The orange organization continues to scratch victories and each time it does so with greater clarity. Fnatic crushed a MAD Lions which is going in reverse this spring. On the other hand, Team Heretics continues without convincing and without managing to get out of the bottom of the table. Day 7 also hosted disasters of throws, Vitality and excel they lost their minds giving up a win to Team BDS and koi, respectively. The closing of the day left us a new delivery of a Unstoppable G2 that manages to get victories in this LEC with very little effort.

Day 7 ended and the LEC teams began to distance themselves in the table / Via: LVPesLoL

Team Heretics against Astralis: The alarms sound for Heretics in LEC

bitter start to the week Team Hereticsthe last week to advance in the round he began to run and the heretics miss the train. Team Heretics fell against Astralis in the first duel of the third day and continue in the bottom of the table. The team led by Marcin Jankowsky «jankos» fails to raise his head and Astralis scratches him a new victory with total ease.

Game with superiority in multiple points quite noticeable, Astralis prevailed against Heretics without the need to demand. The crimson star ensemble repeated what is giving it the best results, giving resources to Kasper Kobberup «kobbe«. The Danish shooter is bringing out his best individual form and by the hand of an Astralis that has grown as a team, it continues to make people talk in this LEC. Another interesting detail was seeing Adam Ilyasov.”LEADER» with its flagship champion, Zed. The assassin of the shadows returned to the competitive one and did it with the good execution of the midlaner and the fulfillment of victory.

KOI vs. EXCEL Esports: Classic KOI Comeback

Joy on the KOI Trainthe tents manage to bring good news to a day that seemed tragic for the Spanish teams. KOI builds epic comeback against EXCEL Esports to win again and get to the top of the table. The spring LEC is showing a better KOI in the regular phase although today’s match was not entirely fair. The purple team did not have control of the game in their hands but still managed to come back in two ancient dragons that give them a very important victory.

The final week of the regular phase of the LEC begins with joy for KOI. Despite a bad game in general rules, koi he takes the victory, coming back as usual and starting the key week on the right foot. The purple team saved a match totally dominated by EXCEL stealing two elder dragons. The smashing of Kim Geun-seong”Malrang»was the key for the tents to clean up the last fight and work the miracle. KOI adds the fourth victory and mathematically he goes to the remaining meetings with a little more calm.

Team Vitality against Team BDS: Day of anthological comebacks in LEC

Another game with an epic comeback, not to mention that one of the teams threw away their entire advantage. The games are chaos on this seventh day and it seems that there is no bigger mess than this. Vitality stumbles big and eats a Team BDS anthology comeback. Two of the teams that were tied for first place broke the tie with a very crazy match.

Vitality materialized the victory for more than 30 minutes but they got away at the end. The French team exploited a great early game game with a Lucian flawless by Elias Lipp «upset«. Between the marksman advantage and the rest of the lanes, Vitality opened up the BDS base and seemed to have everything in her hands. Everything except the final blow, BDS dodged Vitality’s bullet and came back with two crazy fights. The Swiss team appeared in the match with the escalation of the Azir by Ilias Bizrikennuc» and the final of the Malphite of Adam tomorrow. Unlike Vitality, It took very little for BDS to break into the rival base and bring down the nexus. The Swiss team made an epic comeback to a Vitality that once again throws great advantages. BDS He continues to be the leader and what they achieve inside the crack is no longer by chance.

Fnatic vs. MAD Lions: Oscarinin cuts the lion in half

The last week It wasn’t an illusion, Fnatic have stepped up and they continue to rack up wins. The orange squad has woken up in earnest and is winning again in a very convincing way. Fnatic passes over MAD Lions in a game very decided in favor of the British organization. Oscar Munoz «oscarinin» He shines in a special game where he shows he can comply in the LEC by signing a 8/0/8 with another carry in your hands.

Good approach, better execution by Fnatic, the black&orange they fly into the summoner’s rift. fnatic established a composition of melee advantages around the Olaf of Oscarinin. He toplaner Spanish shone in combination with sejuani and Braum to give Fnatic every teamfight. Little could he propose mad lions by Javier Pradeselyoya«, which falls back into a nightmare spring.

SK Gaming vs. G2 Esports: Not breaking a sweat, G2 stays in the lead

Zero surprises to close the seventh day of the regular phase of the spring LEC. G2 Esports prevails against SK Gaming as always, with extreme ease to put an extra gear than his rival. The samurai continue to rise this spring and sweep against SK with a Sergen Çelik «BrokenBlade» immortal. He toplaner German Turk was a real stone in the way of SK with a Cho’Gath terrifying.

without shocks, G2 adds another victory in this LEC and will accompany BDS in the lead shared at least until this Sunday’s day. The champion of the winter LEC continues unstoppable and it even seems that it is not difficult for him to win when he sets his mind to it. Despite good attempts in the early phase, SK could not do anything from the middle of the match where G2 overwhelmed in the mechanical deployment. With this result, and the direct duel won over Team BDS, G2 Esports are the first team to secure their place in the group stage of the spring LEC.

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