Lamar Jackson joins the ‘noisy’ quarterback club and is badly hurting his career, per Colin Cowherd

Colin Cowherd recently spoke about the lamar jackson situation on his show and shared his thoughts on quarterbacks who make too much noise. He said: “The Lamar Jackson situation is a mess, it’s gotten very noisy. Let me give you a list of ‘noisy’ quarterbacks in the last year, for a variety of reasons. Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson-none of them are ascending.”

According to Cowherd, being a “noisy” quarterback can hurt a player’s performance and reputation: “The noisier the young quarterback the less I like it. Bryce Young and CJ Stroud are really quiet. Stars in high school and college and you didn’t hear a peep. Win games, coachable, get better.”

Lamar Jackson demands Baltimore Ravens ‘pay him now’ with sign after team’s win against the Bucs

cowherd also suggested that lamar jackson may benefit from having a real agent. He said: “Agents usually shield you from this kind of nonsense. Agents are paid to get the noise away from you. He doesn’t have an agent so the noise is funneling right towards him. On the heels of Aaron’s noise, Kyler’s noise , people are like ‘no, thank you.'”

Cowherd believes that Lamar Jackson’s recent struggles may be due to his association with “noisy” quarterbacks and the negative reputation that comes with it.

“I think people are worried about it, and I think he’s being punished because the current momentum of ‘noisy’-Kyler, Aaron, and Russell hasn’t been good. Aaron couldn’t make the playoffs, pull fire in Arizona. Go look at the list of noisy quarterbacks, they’re not ascending.”

He suggested that Jackson needs a real agent

Cowherd also spoke about the recent developments with a mysterious man named ken franciswho reportedly has been trying to illegally negotiate contracts with teams on Lamar Jackson’s behalf.”Check out the segment above as Colin discusses the bizarre developments with ‘Ken Francis'”, he said.

Colin Cowherd believes that being a “noisy” quarterback can hurt a player’s performance and reputation, and Lamar Jackson may benefit from having a real agent to shield him from negative publicity.

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