Kim is the next DLC fighter for The King of Fighters XV

Last month marked one year since the launch of The King of Fighters XV, the latest fighting game from SNK that brought the popular franchise to a new generation. Since then we have not stopped receiving new fighters as DLC and this week we were able to see the movements of kim kapwanwhich returns as downloadable content.

The King of Fighters XV is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PlayStation 5, and PC, with the same content across all platforms. Kim Kaphwan is the second character DLC that will come as part of your Fighter Passwhich began in January with the arrival of Shingo Yabuki and will add a total of six characters throughout 2023.

SNK presented the new design and movements of Kim Kaphwan through a trailer that he published on his official YouTube channel, where we see all his attacks and special abilities, as well as his outfits. In addition to introducing a new design that doesn’t look too bad on her, it’s possible to play with Kim’s classic blue and white suit, which most of her fans learned to wear.

The King of Fighters XV arrived in February 2022 with 39 fighters in its base game and in the time since then it has received one for free, 6 as part of its Team Pass 1, 6 as part of its Team Pass 2 and one more with the Fighter Pass, so Kim will be the 54th fighter to reach KOF XV.

By the time SNK finishes launching its The King of Fighters XV Fighter Pass at the end of 2023, the game will have a total of 58 fighters, so no die-hard fan of the franchise should miss out on this installment with its downloadable content, especially if They live in Latin America, where KOF is a phenomenon and there is never a lack of someone to challenge.

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