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Ash Ketchum, the iconic protagonist of Pokemon, has ended its passage through the anime series after 26 years. Although he is best remembered for the series, Ash has also been a part of the franchise. video game Pokemon. Did you know all his appearances?

All Pokémon fans can recognize that Ash Ketchum played a very important role in keeping the animated series famous. However, few know that Ash has also appeared in the video games of the franchise, albeit in a very subtle way. Next, we tell you all the Pokémon games in which Ash Ketchum appeared.

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Pokémon games in which Ash Ketchum appears

It is worth mentioning that Ash Ketchum has been mentioned very few times in the Pokémon saga games. Furthermore, in most cases it was a subtle mention or reference without explicitly saying his name. In the same way, it is clear that Ash was part of the following games.

The free mobile game Pokémon Masters EX was the first to include Ash and Pikachu as unlockable charactersthrough a special event last year.

For a limited time, users could recruit Ash as a teacher and play with him in the 3v3 combat of the mobile game. This is what the character looked like in Pokémon Masters EX.

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The famous augmented reality game too housed Ash Ketchum for a limited time. During an April Fool’s Day event in 2019, players took a photo of their Pikachu wearing an Ash hat. It was then that Ash could appear in your photograph as a surprise.

In the Pokémon Sun and Moon special demoGame Freak surprised new players with a very special reference: the player received an anonymous letter from a character who, according to all indications, it would have been Ash himself.

This letter was accompanied by a Greninja as a gift, which had Ash listed as his previous master. In the game, you could form a ‘special bond’ with Greninja to unlock Ash Greninja, a form of the Pokémon that makes direct reference to the anime.

Ash Ketchum’s Greninja in Pokémon Sun and Moon. (Photo: Diffusion)

Furthermore, also in Sol y Luna, in a place called Ultraganga Supermarket, the player can find a wall with a picture hanging on it. This photo contains a blurry image of Ash and Pikachu.

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In Pokémon Yellow, Ash does not appear as himself. Instead the player’s story closely resembles Ash’s in the anime, since he captures a Pikachu that accompanies him on the trip and gets all the starter Pokémon. So too, Jessie and James appear in the game as members of Team Rocket.

Ash Ketchum does not appear in Pokémon Red. However, it is important to remember that Red, the protagonist of the game, was the base inspiration for when Ash was created for the anime..

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Ash Ketchum made appearances in a few spin-off games for the franchise. For example, he appeared in the puzzle game for the Nintendo 64, pokemon puzzle league.

They are also part of the arcade games, exclusive to Japan, Pokémon Tretta and Pokémon Ga-Ole. Finally, he appeared in the North American racing game pokemon team turbo.

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