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The 144 Hz refresh rate and low latency are ideal specifications of the Neo QLED Gaming TV for gamers.

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With the rise of video game fans, the industry has worked on advances so that, in terms of graphics, image details and immersion, the games are superior. In this way, a state-of-the-art console and a matching TV will offer a gaming experience like never before.

It is for this reason that Samsung has created the Neo QLED Gaming TV, an ideal device for video game lovers, as it offers advantages in terms of performance and image quality that will make a difference in games.

In order to support and create new spaces that allow the development of competitions in the country, Samsung -in alliance with the Professional Video Game League (LVP)- developed the Samsung Neo Gaming Battle tournament. In this, Colombians over the age of 14 will be able to test their skills in the renowned Fortnite video game, where they will show who is the most intrepid player, by winning the different elimination rounds that will take place.

People interested in being part of this tournament can register at until March 25. Once the pre-registration is finished, the selected players will receive an email where they must make the check in in the championship, the first 1,024 players to do so will start the knockout phase of the tournament.

Starting from the elimination rounds, only two Colombians will compete in the grand finale on April 1, an event that will be broadcast on LVP Colombia’s Facebook, YouTube and Twitch channels. The first place prize will be a $1,000,000 bonus, second place: a $500,000 bonus and third place: a $250,000 bonus and be able to redeem it in the TV and Audio category at the online store.

Neo QLED, the ideal device to win the tournament

To have the best performance in the game, it is important to know how to choose a television that is compatible with the video game platform and that has the necessary features to enjoy it to the fullest.

The Neo QLED Gaming TV, available in 43″ and 50″, has a high refresh rate that goes up to 144Hz, which means it can update the image faster than conventional televisions. This can reduce the amount of blur you experience during fast-paced games like action-adventure.

In addition, the Neo QLED gaming TV features Freesync Premium Pro latency reduction technology, which reduces the time it takes for an image to appear on the screen after the signal is sent from the console. This can improve responsiveness and the feeling of immersion in games. Likewise, it has 4 HDMI 2.1 ports available.

As for image quality, the Samsung Gaming TV uses advanced Neo QLED screen technology that has a panel with Mini LEDS, which provides a greater range of colors and higher contrast. This makes games look more vibrant, detailed, and lifelike.

The Dolby Atmos sound technology of the Neo QLED line, together with the 3D Sound function, allows the sound of the TV to accompany the sound of objects in the scene, while contributing to a truly immersive experience for gamers.

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