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If we get all the weapons in Resident Evil 4 Remake we will get the “To the Teeth” trophy that will help us complete the game 100%.

In Resident Evil 4 Remake we can find a wide variety of weapons that will allow us to break through and fight Las Plagas. Some are so powerful that they will allow us to defeat the bosses with 1 hit and others will simply save our lives in desperate moments, such as the knife.

However, for those who are thinking of completing the game 100% and getting all the achievements and trophies of Resident Evil 4, what is certain is that we need all weapons to get “To the Teeth”. Therefore, in the following guide, we tell you how to get them and its exact location.

Location of all weapons in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Some weapons are scattered around the map and others are available in the Peddler’s shop. In the case of being determined to get them all, make sure you know how to get pesetas quickly, because you are going to need them. Some are quite expensive.

weapons we found

W-870 Shotgun

One of the most faithful weapons that we will find, especially in the early stages of the game. we found it in one of the houses in the village during the first chapter. It is in a glass cabinet.

Red 9 Gun

One of the most powerful pistols that will help us defeat Las Plagas with a decent amount of ammo available. It is found inside a treasure chest and can be obtained during the chapter 3. To do this, we have to use the boat and go to the location of the following image.

LE 5 Submachine Gun

For those who prefer a faster alternative, the LE5 SMG is ideal. It is located in the area of ​​the Island, specifically in the Freezer. You can see the exact location below. You have to solve a small puzzle first, but inside the area we will see the weapon. It takes up a lot, make sure you have space in your inventory as well.

shop guns

Now we go with the ones that we can buy from our favorite merchant. There are a total of 9 weapons, counting the ones that we can buy with spinels.

  • TMP (submachine gun): 10,000 pesetas
  • SR M1903 (rifle): 12,000 pesetas
  • Stingray (rifle): 30,000 pesetas
  • CQBR Assault Rifle: 40,000 pesetas
  • Broken Butterfly (magnum): 42,000 pesetas
  • Killer7 (pistol): 77,700 pesetas
  • Darts gun: 10,000 pesetas
  • Punisher (pistol): 5 spinels.
  • Matilda (gun): 10 spinels.
  • Striker (shotgun): 38,000 pesetas.
  • Blacktail (pistol): 24,000 pesetas.

To this arsenal, we add the knives and the rocket launcher that allows us to defeat the bosses with 1 hit. On the other hand, to get the primary knife We need to obtain all the Castilian dolls and we will get the “Revolutionary” trophy.

On the other hand, now that the “zombies”, (Pests), are back, don’t miss our Resident Evil 4 Remake news section to keep an eye on all the news. news and curiosities. In addition, you can also discuss all of them with other users through the 3DJuegos Discord server. And you know what they say: “Behind you…”.

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