Kylian Mbappé is the player of the month in Ligue 1 in FIFA 23

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Is it worth spending so much on Mbappé? The new version of the striker in FIFA 23 has several improvements, compared to his gold card

EA Sports threw in Ultimate Team within FIFA 23 the template creation challenge kylian mbappethe Frenchman was chosen as the player of the month in the link1 and today we will analyze this SBC to define if it is worth completing and joining the PSG attacker to our club.

This new version of mbappe It has an improvement of 5 passing points, 4 physical points, 3 defense points, 1 point in rhythm and 2 points in shooting and dribbling, compared to its gold card. The price of this template building challenge is around 4,200,000 coins, is it worth spending that much on it, let’s go into it.

Is it worth spending so much on Mbappé? The new version of the striker in FIFA 23 has several improvements, compared to his gold card.FIFA 23

Analysis of Mbappé POTM of Ligue1

mbappe POTM has the traits of shooting with the outside foot and with style and solid player, he has high effort levels in attack and low in defense. It has 5 stars for skillful moves and 4 stars for weak legs.

The main strengths of mbappe They are his 98 acceleration, 98 sprint, 95 definition, 95 agility, 95 reactions, 94 positioning, among others. These statistics tell us about one of the best forwards in the game, simply and simply because he touches the maximum speed possible, but his dribbling and definition in front of the goal are exceptional.

On the other hand, the main weaknesses of this player are his long pass of 75, long shots of 84, heading of 78 and strength of 80. This also tells us that, with the Frenchman, we should look for walls in short spaces and not try to balls from long distances, as well as avoiding, as much as possible, physical clashes with strong defenses.


The approximate price of mbappe POTM is 4,200,000 coins and will ask you to complete and deliver a total of 13 templates in which you will have to include players with an average of 90, 89, 88, players from the link1French players, among others.

chemistry style

The recommended chemistry style for this player is that of “finisher” or “deadeye”, which will increase the shooting, dribbling or passing statistics and thus empower mbappe with practically perfect statistics in attack.

Is it worth completing Mbappé POTM?

The price of this card seems extremely high to me, however, we must take into account that it is one of the most meta cards in the game, that is, an almost perfect attacker. Personally, I don’t consider paying more than 4 million coins for a non-tradeable player to be the right decision, unless you have a lot of stockings available for SBCs in your club, thereby reducing their price at least to the minimum. half, it would seem interesting to me.

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