How to change the class of your character?

Do you want to change the class of your character in Diablo 4? Here we explain if the new Blizzard game offers this possibility and what you can do about it.

Part of the fun of devil 4, as always in the saga, are its main character classes. Blizzard’s ARPG encourages players to experiment with each classtest their playstyles and decide which one suits you best, so it is normal wondering whether or not the game allows the ability to switch between classes available at any time you want without losing the progress made.

In Devil Immortalthe mobile title of the saga, this is already offered, so you may also wonder if this fourth main installment imitates it. Continuation in this entry of our guide will clarify the matter for you.

Can you change class in Diablo 4?

Changing your character’s class in Diablo 4 is an option that it is not allowed in this installment.

That is, once you create your character and establish a class for him, you will no longer be able to change it later in the game. Your characters will have to always have the same classand they cannot jump from one to another when you want or through some resource in-game.

Diablo 4 s offers the possibility of reset all skill tree points that you have invested in your character to experiment with the options of each class, but if you want to play with different classes, the only way to “change” the class is by creating characters for each one.

How to create characters from other classes

If you like create characters of different classes in your Diablo 4 account do the following:

  • After creating your first character open the main menu of the game (while in game).
  • Go to the “Game” tab.
  • Select the “Exit game” option.
  • You will appear in the creation menu of characters.
  • choose “Create new character”.

Now you just have to create other characters in this way to try the other classes. You can create up to maximum of 10 characters per accountmore than enough quantity to create at least one of each kind.

Unfortunately you will not be able to exchange classes of an already created character keeping all the progress of history, loot and level, but if you are a fan of the saga from its beginnings this probably won’t be too much trouble for you.

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