FIFA 23 FUT Birthday: when it starts, how to get chips, rewards…

EA SPORTS repeats its promotion this year FUT Birthday Swaps in FIFA Ultimate Team, commemorating the launch of this popular (and lucrative) game mode.

On this occasion, we can get a total of 30 trading tokensfulfilling certain objectives, such as challenges, campaign objectives, gallery moments and SBCs, and that we can then exchange for rewards.

When do FUT Birthday Swaps start in FIFA 23?

The promotion has already started: FUT Birthday Swaps of FIFA 23 lasts between on March 21 and April 7.

In these first days, the first tokens and how to get them have already been confirmed, and be careful, because some will expire soon, on March 24:

  • Magnússon: Login (expires on April 7)
  • Oduah: Buy the New Year Founder’s Pack (expires March 24)
  • Ementa: Complete the SBC challenge in FGS 1 (expires March 27)
  • Hofman: Win 1 match in First Acquisition Party (expires March 28)
  • Gibbs: Silver Stars Objective (expires March 29)
  • Aguado Pallarés: SBC Denmark vs. Finandia (expires March 30)

whatwhat rewards Will we get this year of FUT Birthday Trading Tokens in FIFA 23? At the moment, the exact rewards are unknown, which will not be possible redeem until Monday March 27.

But it is known that among them there will be a FUT Birthday Team 1 Packin exchange for 3 tokens, and a Pack of 10 players +85 in exchange for 10 tokens.

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