eSports team Luminosity Gaming signs ‘MkLeo’ and ‘Tweek’ in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

A few weeks ago we covered some of the news that most shook the competitive landscape of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Both Leonardo ‘MkLeo’ López and Gavin ‘Tweek’ Dempsey left their respective teams (T1 and TSM) for a termination of contract. Today the news is much more positive and it is that these two players have signed for Luminosity Gaming.

Both were presented during the Smash Summit with this great trailer that you can see above. This is very positive news for competitive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.that lately there was a lot of talk on social networks about why eSports teams were letting these two great players go.

Luminosity Gaming has a well-known trajectory in the world of Smash, since he was also a sponsor of Yuta ‘Abadango’ Kawamura years ago, another of the best players in the world at the time Luminosity signed him.

What do you think about MkLeo and Tweek signing with Luminosity Gaming? We read you in the comments.

Fountain: Luminosity Gaming.

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