“This elimination is a failure”

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The Shark’s AD Carry did not hide his anger for being left out and not being able to defend the title.Riot Press

Isurus lost to INFINITY 3-1 and was eliminated in the playoffs of the Opening Tournament of the Latin American League of League of Legends. had the opportunity to dialogue with Gavotto and the experienced Mexican player was forceful regarding the result and was even encouraged to predict the final of the LLA that will be played at Gamergy in Chile.

More than anything it affected was the first game. We couldn’t find ourselves very deep in the game… being such a long game and not getting it out, it exhausts you mentally. We didn’t know how best to adapt“Gavotto commented on whether the mistakes they made in the first two games were crucial.

This removal is definitely a failure. If someone says that finishing in 5th place or losing in this playoff phase is fine, they are wrong. This team aspired for more, unfortunately we couldn’t give our maximum performance today”, remarked the Mexican and continued: “Personally, I want to win the next split”.

Without a doubt, Isurus is going to be quite strong next split. We started with some issues, last minute jungle change, rookie additions and they both did a great job this split, they both gained a lot of confidence so we started this split at a bit of a disadvantage. This experience that we gained is going to make us better,” said AD Carry about the future of the team for the Closing Tournament.

“I think the four remaining teams are good and they can all win together, it’s very difficult to dictate who will be in the final,” said the Mexican player and concluded: “Personally, I would like to see a Six Karma vs. Estral”.

Let’s remember that Six Karma with Rainbow 7 will meet in the Upper Bracket final on Tuesday 28 from 7:00 p.m. ARG/CHI, 5:00 p.m. COL/PER and 4:00 p.m. MEXwhoever falls in this series will face the winner of INFINITY and Estral for a place in the final of the LLA that will be played at Gamergy in Chile on Friday, April 14.

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